Established as a family business in 1989 in Istanbul, Sertrans Logistics has been the national and international customers’ reliable solution partner, with the value-added logistics services it provides in supply chain management, in addition to its international partial and multimodal transportation services.

Sertrans Logistics owes its high customer satisfaction to its principle of working accurately-fast-smoothly-constantly and transparently applied in each and every stage of supply chain. With its experienced and expert staff, powerful fleet and equipments, advanced IS technologies, creative R&D group, national and international offices, high capacity warehouses and bonded warehouses, flexible and innovative logistics services developed specially for the customers’ needs and international strong global network spread all through the world, Sertrans Logistics is an experienced management expert providing solutions in the global scale for its customers’ worldwide logistics requirements.

Our Vision

As a global logistics company, becoming the primary solution partner of multinational and regional companies, in Balkans, Turkey, Middle Asia and Middle East.

Our Mission

  • As Sertrans Logistics, providing our customers with reliable and effective solutions in view of the ethical values and principles of environmental respect, in the selected categories and target markets.
  • With our sustainable competitive power, creating potential for continuous growth and sharing the added-value we created with all relevant parties.
  • While doing this, our biggest strength will be understanding our customers’ new needs as soon as possible and being the first company to provide the most convenient service.

Our Values

High Customer Loyalty
We enable our customers to attain their targets faster with our products and solutions renewed according to our customers’ expectations, and we intend for them to achieve sustainable growth in their work field and aim at increasing their loyalty thereby.

Reliability under any condition
Creating trust among the customers, employees and all relevant parties with knowledge, equipment and loyalty to the corporate values, and to fulfill any kind of commitment on time and completely.

Consistent Result Orientation
We know that every solution is an experience to be offered to the customer for the next step. We adopt problems and mistakes, rather than considering them as sources of conflict, turn them into areas of development for the company and employees, solve them and follow up the results.

Responsibility and perfectionism consciousness
High competitive power is only possible by making customer needs-sensitive decisions rapidly and appropriately. We use initiative in view of perfectionism with responsible and competent individuals, who are the experts in their field.

Continuous Innovativeness
We create new and originative ideas, keep pace with the changes and support any kind of creative efforts to increase satisfaction of the customers, employees and all other parties.

Creating Value
Our purpose is to create value for our company, customers, employees and all other stakeholders of ours. As individuals offering solutions to contribute to the whole corporate performance and using initiative to apply these, we aim at creating personal “added value”.

Loyalty to ethical values and respect for the ecological balance
We manage our affairs with the employees, customers, shareholders and other business partners transparently, constantly and based on the principle of honesty with the constant adherence to the national and international laws and ethical principles, and carry out our activities with the consciousness that the resources are important for sustainability, in acccordance with the nationally and internationally accepted environmental standards and our customers’ environmental expectations.

Loyalty to all our employees
We are aware that the true distinguishing element in logistics sector is our strong and competent human resources. For the purpose of gaining the most qualified employees and ensuring development of the available human resources, we make any kind of investments, acquire technological tools-equipment and allow them to use their full capacity. We award their success and create a mutual emotional bond by making them feel esteemed.

Sertrans Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

At Sertrans, we value our customers and visitors and respect your privacy. This policy describes the personal information we collect about you, why we collect it, and how we use it. If this policy changes, we will post an updated version on our website. You will know if the policy has changed by checking the revision date that appears below.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at any time or call us at 444 5 737.

Privacy Policy

Last updated September 16, 2013

• At Sertrans, we may collect personal information from you, such as your name, email address, postal address, phone number, when you contact us with a question or sign-up to our mailing list or apply for a job.

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• We may use your personal information in the following ways:

To communicate with you and to send you information by email, postal mail, telephone, or other means about our products, services, investments unless you have directed us not to contact you with promotional communications

To analyze trends and statistics

To contact you if necessary

We may use your navigational information to analyze trends and traffic to our website. You always have the choice not to receive marketing information.

• Sertrans does not share your information with any other third party.