Milestones in our history…

1989 Established in a 30-m² office at Funda Han in Karaköy.
Number of employees was 5.
1990 Acted an agreement with NATİSA S.A., North France. Direct transportations to France commenced.
1991 Moved to the office in Halkalı.
Number of employees increased to 9.
1992 One of the founding partners left and company ownership passed to Keleş family completely.
1993 The first vehicles (4 1993 Model Renault Major Tow Trucks and 5 Trailers) were purchased.
Number of employees increased to 17.
1994 Two truck trailers were purchased.
İzmir Office was opened.
Sertrans became the first logistics firm in Turkey, using Soft Trans software.
Direct transportations to Spain commenced.
1995 5 Renault Major Tow Trucks and 5 Trailers were purchased.
Completed its tonnage capacity, Sertrans obtained C2 international transportation certificate.
Became a FIATA member.
1996 1000-m² warehouse in Beylikdüzü was opened. Sertrans initiated good acceptance and loading activities in its own warehouse for the first time.
Offices were moved from Halkalı to Beylikdüzü.
Maintenance team was created and it provided its own vehicles with maintenance for the first time.
100 Renault Magnum, 5 Renault Premium Tow Trucks and 5 Trailers were purchased.
All vehicles were equipped with Satellite tracking system.
1997 5 Mercedes Tow Trucks and 5 Trailers were purchased.
Soft Finans was purchased and Soft Trans integration was achieved.
Number of employees increased to 60.
1998 Seri Gümrükleme A.Ş. was established.
IATA agency certificate of authorization was obtained.
Satko vehicle tracking and Soft Trans integration was achieved.
Speeded up institutionalization efforts.
1999 TS – ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System Certificate was obtained.
Became a member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and Air and Maritime shipping services commenced.
S Insurance was established and the customers were provided with insurance service.
Became a partner of UND Ro-Ro.
Arthur Andersen performed audit for the purpose of shifting to logistics.
2000 Operation, export, maintenance, warehouse and bonded warehouse departments came into operation in Güzelce.
5 Mercedes-branded and 10 Daf-branded total 15 Tow Trucks and 15 Trailers were purchased.
Upon the bankruptcy of the agency in France, a complete restructuring commenced.
Day 5 Done product came into operation as a first in the sector.
Samandıra Logistics Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse came into operation.
Consultancy service was received for completing and developing the processes. All work processes were defined.
2001 6 Volvo-branded and 10 Daf-branded Tow Trucks and 15 Trailers were purchased.
2002 ACT Lojistik A.D. was established in Bulgaria.
35,000-m² and 12,000-m² lands were acquired in Hadımköy to establish a logistics center.
2003 “Trade Leaders Club”, the trade organization with over 14,000 members from 120 countries and “Editorial Office”, the prestigious Spanish institution awarded Sertrans with quality prize in 2003.
In the survey titled “The Most Successful Companies of Year by Sectors” commissioned by Dünya Newspaper, Sertrans was elected as one of the top three firms in the field of logistics.
MSN Customs Clearance moved to Istanbul and began providing its customers with complete service.
10-day land transportations to Morocco-Tunisia began for the first time in Turkey.
Process works initiated.
2004 Rayser A.Ş. was established to carry out closed wagon transportations.
The first wagon transportation began on 17 November 2004. 510 tons of ceramic load of the firm Kütahya Seramik was transported to Adana. The first 10-wagon transportation was realized as block train.
Fabric Quality Control service commenced in March 2004, in Güzelce.
Number of employees increased to 190.
2005 SerFırat was established to carry out open-wagon transportation activities. 
Bursa office was established.
ACT Lojistik was established in Romania.
58,000-m² land was acquired in Gebze, Şekerpınar to establish a logistics center.
17,000 m² land was acquired for Rayser wagon transportations.
In the sector with almost 1,000 transporters, Sertrans was listed as 17th according to UBAK criteria.
Structuring works for HR functions.
2006 Sertrans Holding was establihed.
23,729 m² land suitable for railway and airline connection was acquired in Konya for SerFırat.
In the sector with almost 1,100 transporters, was listed as 15th according to UBAK criteria.
Mavi – Yeşil in-house bulletin began to be published.
Transer Logistics commenced its activities.
Transer EOD commenced its activities in Bulgaria.
Transer EOD began providing service with its 10 Bulgarian plated vehicles.
In the sector with almost 1,500 transporters, Sertrans was listed as 14th, Transer 59th and Sertrans Holding in total as 7th, according to UBAK criteria.
For designing a stronger future, human resources-focused 3P Project was initiated.
Performance Management applications commenced.
2008 Sertrans Holding undersigned Global Principles Agreement.
Hadımköy Logistics warehouse construction commenced.
Talent Management, 360 applications were put into use and works for their constant development commenced.
2009 Became a member of System Alliance.
20 wagons and 50 containers were purchased.
Business with Rhenus, a System Alliance member commenced.
Online load-warehouse-distribution tracking system was put into use for domestic and foreign customers.
2010 Sertrans Customer Complaint Management System was created and ISO 10002:2004 Certificate was obtained.
Kal-Der UKH Goodwill Document was signed and EFQM Excellence Model was accepted as the working method.
EFQM Competency in Excellence 3-star certificate was obtained.
2012 Executive Board was created.
Announcement of year of training.
Title of our in-house magazine was changed from Mavi-Yeşil to Serlife.
2013 Austria and Poland lines were opened.
Sertrans Lojistik Tedarik Zinciri Yönetimi A.Ş. was established.
We moved to our Hadımköy center.
2014 Ukraine lines was opened.
United Kingdom lines was opened.
Our ADR warehouse was started to service.
We were celebrated our 20th year in Spain.
We received an appreciation plaque from Spanish Embassy Economic and Commercial Attaché for our 20th year in Spain and our successful works.
Our Hadımköy Facilities and General Directorate building were inspected by USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and awarded with “Gold LEED” certificate fort he first time in Turkish logistic sector.
2015 Our driver was selected “Best International Transport Driver”.
Our six drivers were deserved IRU Award.
Russia lines was opened.
Became National Champion in European Business Awards-EBA.
The Well-Known Trademark was achieved.
2016 We have Authorised Economic Operator Certificate.
We have renewed our fleet. We get 70 Renault Trucks and 50 Tırsan Trailer.
We won the company of the logistic solutions of the year.
2017 We won the prize of “Logistic Company Of The Year.”

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