Proje Taşımacılığı

Competent logistical solutions to all of your non-standard loans…

For all of your loans having the caracteristics of “Non-standard”,”Specialization-required”,”“Requiring special equipments and licences”, “Unportable in normal conditions” and for your special sectoral needs, you can benefit from the “ProjeTrans” service of Sertrans Logistics.

Value-added universal logistical solutions from Sertrans Logistics
  • Land-Air-Sea-Railway
  • Domestic and International,
  • For all over sized shipments (transformer station / machines / boiler etc.),
  • Complete facility transport,
  • Complete construction site transport,
  • Complete refinery transport,
  • Exhibition transportation.

For detailed information, please contact your Smarteam expert.

Proje Trans

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