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November discounts, which are eagerly awaited by shoppers around the world, have started. As Sertrans Logistics, we are pleased to share this guide with you, with our more than ten years of experience in e-commerce and e-commerce logistics, so that you can spend the discount period with the highest efficiency and profitability.

This special discount period, in which most companies increase their sales by more than 100%, is considered to be a great promotion period for brands that can use the opportunities well.

In this period when you need to pay attention to some important points that will make you stand out among other companies, we want to convey our experiences to you with our fast and high-capacity service quality.

Let's take a look at Adgager's research on how the 2019 discount period is in Turkey. While 46% of the participants in the study shop from e-commerce sites, 35% of them stated that they do not shop. 45% of women and 47% of men shop online. Clothing is at the top of the top shopping categories in e-commerce, with a ratio of 61%. This ratio is followed by technology with 33% and shoes category with 29%. 

As a brand that serves many local and global brands in the field of e-commerce logistics, we have demonstrated our ability and capacity in e-commerce logistics with the number of employees and product outputs in the 2019 discount period. In the 62,500 square meter e-commerce logistics warehouse, 972,709 orders were dispatched with 1,500 personnel. Operations were carried out with a 99% on-time delivery rate to cargo and an error rate of 1 per thousand in stock accuracy.


The figures we expect to be realized in November this year are much higher. In our 75,000 square meter e-commerce logistics warehouse, we have prepared all our business plans to realize 1,800 personnel and an estimated 4,000,000 orders. 


In a study conducted by Xsights for Marketing Turkey, 61% of the participants stated that they would benefit from the discount period. 85% of the participants state that the discount opportunity convinced them. We have a motivated consumer base in purchasing. We have compiled some tips that will bring you more sales during this busy period.


If you are looking for a business partner in the field of e-commerce logistics, regardless of the scope of your needs, Sertrans has specific solutions for your business.


You can learn the details of what you need to do to successfully complete this year's discount period by reviewing the discount period success guide we have prepared for e-commerce brands.

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