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A Brand New Perspective on the Industry: B4B4C

The year 2020 will take its place in history as a year in which we struggle in many areas with the effect of the pandemic crisis. We realized how important digital transformation is especially in the world where life has come to a halt with the pandemic. Due to this transformation, the shining star of this process was the e-commerce sector. Millions of consumers who had not experienced e-commerce before, met with online shopping. In order to provide the best experience to their customers in e-commerce shopping, both brands and logistics service providers, namely us, have great duties.

Last year, reminded again that the concept of Industry 4.0, which we have been talking about for a while, is of great importance in terms of changing the way all sectors do business. We are talking about a world where machines communicate with each other via wireless sensors, data are analyzed and can be intervened quickly when necessary. When you look at our industry, many innovations that allow the tracking of products and vehicles in both transportation and logistics and storage services have already entered our lives.

Now the consumer has emerged to the center of B2B

With the development of digital technologies and sustainability becoming a global need, the most important transformation of history is experienced in global trade. B2B and B2C are two concepts that we all often pronounce. With the great change in global trade, it is inevitable that these two sectoral definitions will disappear and an intertwined process will occur. In other words, it is no longer possible to manage the business without understanding the demands and requests of the consumer, and more importantly, without providing solutions suitable for these demands. For B2C, the consumer has been at the center of the business model for a long time. Now the consumer has come to the center of B2B or has to come. Here we call this new approach B4B4C "Business For Business For Consumer"

This concept, which is brand new for the logistics world, is our prediction that it will be an important change in terms of our industry and Sertrans will undertake the leadership of this new approach.

If we are to clarify the subject a little more; With the advancement of technology and the pandemic, the e-com transformation that has come before, makes it inevitable that companies need to get a share from global competition and change their business models for sustainable profitability. In this sense, the need for a logistics company to manage all supply chain processes of the customer from a single source has emerged as a necessity.

In this process, we need to have the ability to manage our customers' stocks under a single roof, be it e-com or normal warehouse operations. But that alone is not enough. We must also gain the ability to manage e-com operations of the same customer in different geographies, and accordingly, to gather international shipping and warehouse services under one roof.

The consumer is now at the center of the logistics world

When we are so involved in our customer's life, we must now closely follow the demands and needs of our customers and produce solutions with a fast and sustainable perspective for these needs. Therefore, the consumer is now at the center of the logistics world, and all players in the industry must organize their way of doing business according to this new situation.

This transformation is possible by moving away from a limited understanding of selling products or services to customers in need, and moving to an understanding that provides added value in all aspects of the producer, brand and consumer of the trade. We must mobilize what we do best as logistics to strengthen the trade chain and become the player that ties the links of the chain more tightly. In a sense, we think that consumer-centered models in B2B such as the B4B4C model, which reflects the B2B approach to B4B and even the needs and demands of consumers to the business model, will be discussed more frequently.

Of course, companies that can implement this change must adapt their blue-collar and white-collar employees to this new order. In addition, managing such a structure will not be sustainable without a serious operational necessity, an advanced technological infrastructure and a solid financial strength. For this reason, it is inevitable for the companies that do not have these features to stay out of the system in the new period.

With this transformation, our customers will now be able to deliver their logistics processes to us with peace of mind and have the opportunity to focus on sales and brand management processes, which they should focus on.

With this understanding, we, as Sertrans, will lead not only our own company but also the transformation process of our industry.


Now is the time to bring Sertrans's perspective to the world of trade and consumers!

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