Discount Period Success Guide Brand Management

After the November discounts, it's time for the end of season sales. In this period where huge discounts of up to 70% will be experienced, the importance of brand management is even more critical.

Since the number of traffic to the websites picks up during these periods, your brand meets more consumers in these periods. Therefore, brand management is much more important in this period compared to the normal period. With the "Discount Period Success Guide 2 - Brand Management" guide, we have compiled the tricks you need to consider in order to successfully carry out brand management.

Here are some information you can find in the study:

• When the comparison of e-commerce in Turkey between 2019 and 2020 is examined, 60% of e-commerce is covered by three major cities. The biggest share is Istanbul with 47%, Ankara with 8% and Izmir with 5%. In the first 6 months of 2019, 558.7 million products were ordered, while in 2020 850.7 million products were ordered. The sector with the highest increase in 2020 was food / supermarket with 434%, while the sector with the least increase was the clothing sector with 45%.

• According to the results of a study conducted by PwC, one of the world's leading service organizations, in 2019, consumer experiences have come to the fore. According to the "Global Consumer Insights Survey" prepared with the opinions of 21,000 online shoppers from 27 countries, 1 out of every 3 participants shop online at least once a week, while 24% of the participants shop on their smartphones every week. This shows that the use of tablets and computers in e-commerce is decreasing. Another striking result is that 61% of the participants definitely benefit from social media during the purchase action.

• Sale periods mean an increase in the traffic of e-commerce sites. For this reason, you are in a process that must be managed meticulously from the product descriptions you place on your site, product photos, comments written by other users and social media posts. The tips we have provided in the guide will assist you. 

• On the other hand, another important process for successfully managing discount periods is logistics services. Regardless of the size and volume of your e-commerce logistics needs, Sertrans's e-logistics packages have the right solution for you.

By reviewing the discount period success guide we have prepared for e-commerce brands on brand management, you can learn the details of what you need to do to successfully exit this year's discount period.

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