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various discount campaigns online and physically. We can see that high sales figures have been achieved thanks to these discount campaigns of two months. According to the researches, it is seen that 46% of the consumers prefer to shop on the internet during the 2019 discount period in Turkey. Most of the sales are made through e-commerce, which is growing its volume day by day. Due to this growing volume, e-commerce is becoming the most important channel of retail companies.


It is an important factor in minimizing the problems that may arise if this process, which consists of many stages, is carried out in a planned manner for companies, as well as with the right business partners. With the importance of speed and no-damage issues in the technology age we are in, it has become impossible to ignore the effect of logistics management on e-commerce. As Sertrans Logistics, we provide services to many local and global brands in the field of e-logistics. With this experience of more than 10 years, we have compiled for you the points that should be considered especially during busy periods such as the discount period.


Recognizing and Segmenting Customer Profile

The rapid change of needs and expectations in today's world requires a controlled research. To ensure that the products or services you will sell appeal to your target audience and meet the required criteria, it is very important to have a good command of the target audience profile to create a successful campaign process. Anticipating the risks that may occur during the discount period will allow you to prevent possible crises.


Use of Social Media

Social media channels, which have a significant increase in the number of users in recent years and include many target audiences, have become one of the most important channels to announce the discount campaigns of the brands. During the campaign period, you can benefit from a variety of benefits with a more effective use of social media with special works for each channel.

You can direct your website by organizing campaigns where specially prepared visuals and videos are predominant on Instagram and Facebook channels, which have a higher number of users than other channels. Thus, you can build a more intimate relationship with your own customer portfolio. You can run the information flow of your campaigns on Twitter, which increases the number of users every year. You can inform a large number of users of your campaigns with the video content you will prepare for Youtube. You can create a custom customer portfolio for your brand with the use of effective hashtags.


Personalized Customer Experience

One of the most important ways of high sales rates during campaign periods is to make the people you want to sell your products feel special. Providing personalized experiences specific to the profiles you create in your target audience research will enable you to progress more target-oriented. The promotion of the product you want to sell to the target audience will ensure that the perception that may arise against your brand is positive.


Mailing and Sms Management

Delivering your pre-prepared campaigns to the right people at the right times via sms and e-mail ensures that the interest in your campaign is concentrated. You can attract the attention of potential customers with personalized messages and notifications that you will send discount opportunities.


Web Page Control

Most of the sales you will make during discount periods will be made through your web page and mobile applications. Your web pages, which will contain many products that will meet the expectations of your customers, require careful and hard work during these intense discount periods, where you can reach high sales figures. Providing the customers with many features such as the information and prices of the products you will sell will ensure that you prevent problems from occurring. It would be the right approach to collaborate with professional companies to provide a safe and effective shopping environment.

You can increase the interaction with animated banner works on your web pages. By choosing a more useful interface, you can increase the time your customers spend on your web pages.


Choosing the Right Business Partner in E-Commerce Logistics

Experience, physical conditions and expertise in e-commerce logistics are among the most important issues for a successful operation. In this period of increasing demand, it is the right choice to work with a reliable business partner who can meet the demands in terms of capacity and capability.

Thanks to its experience in e-commerce logistics for more than ten years and its strong infrastructure, Sertrans Logistics manages your e-commerce logistics seamlessly and flawlessly during peak periods, and directs your trade.

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