Effects of New Normals on Working Life

Sertrans Blog - Effects of New Normals on Working Life

Covid 19 Pandemic, which has been on our agenda for about four months, was a very critical process for both companies and individuals. We are trying to survive this pandemic period that forces us and hurts us from time to time by taking lessons. We try to define the new normal correctly with new questions, new answers, new perspectives and our extensive homework lists.

If we take the issue for companies; It would be correct to define this period as an unexpected and full of unknowns. This very unknown equation caught some companies off guard, like individuals. Distance working models were a subject that was discussed and discussed by experts before pandemic. We knew companies that allowed employees to work remotely at certain times of the week. Companies that resisted this change had to experience this experience with the pandemic.

Explanations evaluating this process from local and foreign companies were made one after another. Those who leave their preference for the working model to their employees, keep the return time to the office longer and even allow them to work remotely forever.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, announced to his employees that "In July, a step will be taken in this direction by creating teams to work remotely." Zuckerberg aims to have half of Facebook employees working outside of office buildings in the next 5 to 10 years.

Some other technology companies of Silicon Valley previously announced decisions in this direction. For example, he said that employees who want Twitter can work from home "forever".

Flexible working conditions reduce the anxiety of employees who do not consider returning to office buildings as safe. And this saves companies time to plan new, more distant work environments.

Companies are also reviewing their investments in offices. Some companies think they can physically run their business on smaller square meters. We will see this part by living a little more.

It seems that after the pandemic, remote working, flexible working models will remain on our agenda and will continue to discuss how efficient they are. 

Applications and programs that enable remote meetings entered our lives during this period when we started working from home. In this process, Zoom, the name we heard most, increased the number of users from 10 million to 300 million during the pandemic process. The revenue generated by Zoom in the first quarter increased by 169 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 328.2 million dollars. We can estimate that there is an increase in demand in other applications that meet this need. While we preferred to hold the meetings we had previously with our in-office or business partners face to face, it was a completely new experience for us that some meetings could be held through screens. When going to meetings, the loss of time spent in traffic, especially in big cities, will perhaps return to our business as efficiency. We will make our plans knowing that there is another possibility when determining the shape of our next meetings.

Whether we continue to work remotely from the desk or home from the office, an important issue that needs to be emphasized in terms of companies is to continue the communication with the employees regardless. Although it is not eye-catching, it is possible to feel sincerely that the heart is to the heart. This is a special period with before and after the process. This is a time when anxiety is very intense. This process should be seen as an opportunity to see if you are equally distant to employees.

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