How Do You Get The Best Service In Partial Transportation

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It is of great importance that the goods produced in business life reach the buyer safely or reach you from the seller. In order to achieve this, you can benefit from road, air and sea transportation in the field of logistics. The transportation method you prefer varies according to the number, size and type of the goods you want to deliver. It is important to have knowledge of logistics methods in order to decide on the appropriate transportation type. After deciding on the method, you can ensure that the loads are transported professionally by paying attention to the expertise of the logistics company and the services it provides.


What are the Differences Between Partial Transport and Complete Transport?

Fast delivery is among the essential elements of business today. As the goods are produced, they are sent to the buyer company in textile, fast moving consumer goods, automotive, technology, e-commerce and many other sectors, . The goods and products to be transported may not be enough to fill a single container or vehicle. At this point, partial transportation comes into play. Partial transportation is the transfer of the products of different companies to the common location in the same container or vehicle.

Complete transportation is the transportation of goods and products belonging to a single company. The goods to be transported must completely fill the transport vehicle in terms of quantity and weight. Goods that are ready for full transportation service should be expected to reach sufficient quantity. Complete transportation is advantageous for companies that produce high volumes and can provide filling of the transportation vehicle.


The Importance of Expertise for Quality Partial Transportation

In partial transportation, the load of more than one company is carried at the same time. Therefore, the goods ordering must be done correctly. It is important that the products to be delivered first according to the route are placed in the easily accessible part of the vehicle. Otherwise, while the products inside the vehicle are being evacuated, the products of other companies may be damaged. The expertise of the logistics company is extremely important in the correct ordering and safe discharge of goods.


The Benefits of Careful Disposition in Partial Transportation

One of the biggest benefits of partial transportation is the cost advantage it provides. Freight transport costs are shared among the companies using the container. In both local and international partial transportation, a detailed planning should be made for the regular placement of the company's products and transportation. In this regard, the disposition experience of the logistics company is of great importance. Disposition is the most advantageous installation and planning the fastest route for the safe and fast delivery of goods. Under the condition that the disposition is achieved, it becomes possible to make correct pricing. In this way, costs are reduced and products are delivered faster.


The Importance of Efficient Categorization in Partial Transportation

One of the services that the logistics company should provide in partial transportation is the correct categorization of the products in the same container or vehicle. This categorization is made according to the companies to which the products belong. All products must be labeled to ensure categorization. This stage is very important so that the goods of different companies do not mix with each other. However, it is also very important that the buyer's goods are delivered on time and that they do not deliver the wrong products. For this reason, working with a company specialized in logistics provides a great advantage.


How Do You Get The Best Service In Partial Transportation?

It is important to work with a reliable company to ensure that products arrive quickly and without damage while receiving partial transportation service. It is necessary to pay attention to the experienced staff of the logistics company, their operational experience, advanced technologies that provide product tracking and high no-damage rate.

Thanks to its experience of more than 30 years in the sector, Sertrans Logistics provides professional service in the field of partial transportation. You can safely transport your export and import cargoes with our company, which has a 99.9% no-damage rate.

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