How Shall E-commerce Evolve After Corona Virus?

Sertrans Blog - How Shall E-Commerce Evolve After Corona Virus?

While humanity struggles with the Corona pandemic on the one hand, it has frequently started to be discuss what kind of world will emerge after the pandemic and what measures companies will take to keep up with the new business life. One of the areas where the most intense change will be experienced after the current process will be the e-commerce sector, today It is one of the most important issues that everyone agrees on. After each crisis, some sectors get stronger from the crisis. The e-commerce sector will be the winner of this challenging process. Because in this process, the consumer has discovered many areas that he has not discovered before. And so far, even people who are distant from e-commerce have become permanent customers of e-commerce.

So what developments are expected in the e-commerce sector in the coming period?

It seems that there will be serious changes in our post-pandemic shopping habits and new ones will be added to these habits. At this point, many researches that point out that some habits we have acquired during the pandemic process will be moved to the post-pandemic period, are frequently published today. Of course, these habits will be added to the needs we normally need but we postpone in the pandemic process. This can be shown as an important proof that there will be a serious increase in e-commerce volume.

Another important proof of the growth in e-commerce is increasingly virtualized money. One of the most hesitant situations for people in the current process was contact with money as little as possible. It should be no surprise that the practice of not contacting money will continue for a while. This indicates that virtual money, which is not yet at the desired level, will strengthen its place in our lives, although its volume has increased gradually in recent years. As money becomes virtual, it is highly likely that e-commerce will be positively affected by this situation.

In many studies that examine the general behavior of consumers, it is pointed out that instant needs, needs that differ from day to day, and needs arising from new situations are the three main criteria. Although there were some differences in consumer behavior at the beginning of the Pandemic period, we followed that normalization occurred in a very short time.

When the trend reports published by Google are analyzed, it is seen that in April, the topics such as how to spend time at home, cooking, personal care, adopting pets are investigated.  Also it is pleasing that; Many search results indicate clearly that people are starting to plan for the summer. This indicates that new needs are at in the agenda.

As a result, it is clear that the volume of e-commerce will increase significantly after the pandemic. How ready are e-commerce companies for this process? What kind of preparations should be made regarding logistics management, which is one of the most important stages of the process? Many evaluations point out that there will be serious changes in consumer demand worldwide after pandemic.

Following the deferred demands that will be added to many new demands that arise in the Pandemic process, e-commerce will have to come up with new and flexible solutions to meet this increasing demand. It is perhaps one of the most critical issues for companies to manage their logistics processes correctly against this new volume to emerge. In this sense, it has become much more critical for companies to choose the right business partner for them to be prepared for the process. Considering that the volume will increase, it is indispensable to collaborate with the business partner that will overcome this important burden with its operations and information technologies, human resources and experience.

When we consider at the new developments in e-commerce in terms of global brands that Sertrans serves in the field of e-commerce logistics, it is much more possible to see clear evidence. It is seen that the capacity of the brands that Sertrans currently serves in the field of e-commerce logistics has increased significantly in the pandemic period. This increase is expected to continue exponentially after the pandemic. With the impact of the current process, it is clear that faster growth in e-commerce will be an important part of our new normal.

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