Human Resources Policy

  • Proceeding with a human resources policy that places people at the center as an important value,
  • To create participatory and learning organizations that can adapt to changing world conditions and business systems in line with the organization's strategic plans and objectives,
  • In line with the company's goals, to select qualified manpower considering the needs of not only today, but also future days,
  • To make continuous education an indispensable policy to support the work and private life of employees, to see education and development as an investment in human resources,
  • Rewarding success, encouraging and rewarding project work, supporting and encouraging new ideas, 
  • To create a value-oriented management structure that supports initiative use, rewards performance and ensures employee satisfaction,
  • Performing the right talent analysis, creating and managing the talent pool, to create the leaders of the future, 
  • To create a fair, open and transparent organization that respects personnel personality, 
  • Taking preventive regulatory and disciplinary measures instead of prohibitions,
  • Implementing a fair and competitive pricing system within the company,
  • Strengthening the trademark image of Sertrans in and out of the organization.

Basic Competencies

  • Functional competencies,
  • Inclined teamwork and job motivation,
  • Corporate compliance and managerial competence.
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