Business for Business for Consumer (B4B4C)


With the development of digital technologies and the fact that speed, efficiency and sustainability have become a necessity, the most important transformation in history is taking place in global trade.

Digital transformation; While strengthening the ties between consumers and brands, brands and producers, manufacturers and suppliers, we, as Sertrans, assume strategic roles and important responsibilities to ensure that the global trade chain runs smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

The way we can fulfill our responsibilities in the best and sustainable way is;

To respond to the new needs in supply chain management arising from the changes in global trade, moving away from an understanding limited to selling products or services; It means adopting a service approach that suits the relationship and expectations between producers, brands and consumers.

We called this transformation “B4B4C”. (Business for Business for Consumer)

Within the scope of the transformation, we, as Sertrans, will mobilize what we do best to strengthen the new generation supply chain and become a player that tightly connects all the rings of the chain to each other, under a single roof.

We will take all our steps to improve the activities of not only our own company but also our business partners.

We will bring brand new values ​​to the world of trade and consumers with Sertrans' logistics perspective.

With this viewpoint; First, we will be "Turkey's Largest E-Com" company in 2023, then "Turkey's Best Logistics Organization" in 2025, and in the finale, in 2030, we will be "Turkey's Largest Logistics Company".

Now is the time to embrace our customer's goals and needs as our own and start the big change!



We will be Turkey's Largest Logistics Company in 2030!

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By becoming a member of Sertrans Port; You will benefit from the power of Sertrans Logistisc, which has been the number one choice of global and local brands for more than 30 years, and put an end to the trouble of searching for cargo.

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