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Warehouse management, which is an indispensable part of integrated logistics service solutions, provides a more effective service with new technologies. Companies need more effective and functional storage management solutions in line with the spirit of the Industry 4.0 era. Thanks to information technologies and applications in warehouse management, instant and flexible solutions are developed for variable needs.

New Trends and Applications in Warehouse Management

Innovative technologies developed in the field of warehouse management system components and warehouse management software provide a much wider range of solutions to problems. In addition to innovations such as portal applications, flexible solutions, instant monitoring facilities, developments in the field of hardware also facilitate an efficient process. Automatic loading and unloading systems create flawlessly functioning systems with the robotic solutions they offer. Robotic systems that can load and stack in a predetermined way stand out as new technologies used in warehouse management. In addition to systems that provide untouched transportation and storage, light and sound-oriented systems also successfully perform tasks such as stacking and sorting.

Future Insights

In line with the purposes of storage management, robotic systems and the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence pioneer new solutions. It is anticipated that the systems where the corridor spaces are reduced with effective transportation and the height of the shelf increases with vertical storage, will become increasingly denser. Innovative technologies that significantly increase the amount of storage that can be made per unit area reduce labor costs. this type of storage greatly shortens the stacking and rack picking processes. As the required workmanship is reduced, the risks of occupational accidents in operations are also expected to be minimized. Likewise, human-induced operational errors are also eliminated. Inventory and order preparation processes become completely error-free.

Unmanned Warehouse Management

While technological advances in the field of warehouse technologies provide great progress, unmanned warehouse management is gradually becoming possible with artificial intelligence technologies. Developments in warehouse management software and smart warehouse systems make it possible to increase automation and robotic applications. It is predicted that the use of artificial intelligence will increase in the next few years. The predictive working principles of buyers with machine learning algorithms create an error-free and fast performance in the field of warehouse logistics. Artificial intelligence applications easily undertake numerous functions from packaging to stacking, from stock control and counting to controlling the correct operation of the machines. It is estimated that productivity will increase at a high rate thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) supported devices and applications.

New Needs

This rapid change in logistics and storage brings new needs with it. While automation applications and robotic solutions increase information flow and data processing speeds significantly, they require new investments to improve information technologies and applications in warehouse management. For investments that will sustain the efficiency and increasing operation speed in warehouses, small-scale companies should allocate shares at least as much as large companies. In logistics warehouse management system applications, it is of great importance to minimize the human factor and take steps to increase machines and automation quickly.

The Impact of E-Commerce on New Trends

The great rise in e-commerce applications enables the use of new trends and requires companies in the industry to take appropriate steps. The widespread use of online commerce and its moving to a higher level with sudden jumps requires the renewal and acceleration of logistics warehouse management applications accordingly. Technologies used by customers are developing as well as new technologies used in warehouse management. And new technologies are giving rise to easy access to all information. Due to the transparency provided by the unlimited data flow, it also requires the production and logistics policies of companies to be reviewed.

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