New Trends and Applications in E-commerce Logistics

New Needs and Applications in Transportation

Transportation is a service that has existed with people in the historical process and has been shaped according to the needs of people and has been developed until today. The transport sector is a sector that produces goods, such as the industry or agriculture sector. in addition, it plays an influential role on the productivity of other sectors. The reason for the emergence of transportation as a need is the desire or need of people to move from one place to another, the goods produced in one place are different or excessive, and the natural resources are not equally available in every region. The transport process, which starts with the use of human and animal muscle power, This process was facilitated by the invention of the wheel, and later developed with the advancement of technology with various tools and ways; Transport has changed over time in the following ways:


· There has been a transformation from muscle power to electric vehicles in road transport,

·  With the Transportation Industrial Revolution, the transformation from ships sailing with wind and muscle power to steam ships has occurred.

· Continued to speed up the railways that entered our lives with the Transport Industry revolution,


· Finally, with the development of aircraft, it has evolved into air transport. 

Today's Technologies in Transport Sector

In today's world where technology is advancing rapidly, new needs have emerged in transportation and new applications have been developed in this field. So that It is stated that the transportation sector is one of the three sectors expected to develop in the 21st century, together with the gene and information technologies. The contribution of such a growing and developing sector to the economy cannot be ignored. All over the world and in our country, the transportation sector is among the growth dynamics of the economy.

To explain the needs of the transportation sector in the most general context, Transportation is to reach the destination from the departure point in the shortest possible time and safely with high capacity and low cost, regardless of the past and future. Then you go deeper, the needs are shaped according to the characteristics of the transported thing. For example, vehicles should be suitable for the transportation of animal products in order not to break the cold chain.


The effect of this rapid development in technology on the transportation sector has also triggered a concentration in the competitive environment, putting companies in a race to meet the needs and demands of customers. As a result, there has been great improvement in both service and equipment. Now, customers can easily meet with service providers and the transportation service can be tracked instantly.

New Needs and Applications

With the Transport Electronic Tracking and Control System (U-ETDS) defined in the Road Transport Regulation, cargo, goods or passenger movements are instantly monitored and statistics are kept about the process. Thanks to these statistics, useful statistics are kept in many areas such as how much goods and cargo are transported daily, where the goods and cargo are transported from where to where, which routes and roads are frequently used, the weight and type of the goods and cargo. Developments are being made in this direction. In this way, efficiency and security are increased.


With the development of digital systems, operational activities are accelerating. More customers are reached in every city of Turkey, customers prefer ministry-approved companies. Problems that may occur along the way are minimized and 24/7 call center support is provided to customers. Again, with digital systems and ministry control, non-transparent and complex pricing is prevented.

The development of technology provides new applications that provide solutions to needs, and also prepares the ground for the emergence of new needs. With the developed vehicles, human and animal power was almost completely eliminated over time. In order to prevent the damage caused by human error, current trends are moving towards completely driverless vehicles. Today, test drives of driverless vehicles and driverless trucks, which will be indispensable for the future, are carried out. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are also very popular nowadays. Drones, which are generally used to take images, are gradually starting to appear in the transportation sector and it seems that it will be one of the indispensable parts of our lives in the future.

What Will Happen Next?


Vehicles currently used by people were started to be viewed and tracked via satellite. Along with unmanned vehicles, the tracking of these vehicles will be provided completely through satellites. In addition to physical automation, software automations will develop rapidly in the transportation sector with the return of the digital transformation movement. Sertrans Logistics continues to work in parallel with the digital transformation movement, based on digital. The software developed works in the background of the transportation service, under the control of both customer relations management, budget and cost operations, and physical transactions. The development of software and hardware automation together with the ever-increasing knowledge and big data will make the transportation industry a shining star of the future. Sertrans Logistics, one of the leading institutions in this field, continues its innovation and digitalization studies at full speed and thus offers its customers a cost advantage and high competitive power.

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