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One of the most critical issues in e-commerce logistics today is to manage the supply chain correctly.The right e-commerce logistics management is more important than ever, especially in market conditions, where the importance of customer satisfaction increases day by day. At this point, it has become very critical to decide whether a company will manage its logistics processes over itself or through an external source. So, what kind of advantages can companies get by using outsourcing? Most importantly, when should companies switch to outsourcing?

When the world's largest e-commerce platforms are examined, it will be seen that many of these companies solve some of their logistics processes within the company. Some of them tend to outsource. In this case, the rate varies from company to company. There are also cases where this ratio is in favor of outsourcing 60% to 40% in some companies. The main output of this decision is to distribute risk. Because, while making the decision of outsourcing in the management of logistics processes, one of the important metrics is to distribute the risk.

The 31-year company experience of Sertrans also shows that the frequency of outsourcing is increasing day by day in the management of many global scale companies and local brands logistics processes. The most important reason of this increase is the increasing volume of e-commerce every day, as well as the difficulties in process management. At this point, it is clearly seen that outsourcing will increase in e-commerce in the coming years.

What are the biggest advantages of outsourcing for companies?

  • Focus: Accurate outsourcing allows you to use the time, information, staff and all other resources, which are the most valuable treasure, in their most productive area, in their core activities.
  • Flexibility: Accurate outsourcing eases the control load on the business, giving the business flexibility.
  • Cost: Many studies show that using accurate outsourcing in supply chain management provides companies with 20% to 40% cost advantage.
  • Predictability: Allows you to see clearly the costs that you may encounter today and tomorrow with Long-term contracts.
  • Information Technologies: With the right outsourcing and advanced IT infrastructure, it has the power to meet all kinds of needs.
  • Risk Management: In any unfavorable situation, the system can become completely dysfunctional. In this case, outsourcing reduces this risk on companies.
  • Speed: When you choose the right partner in supply chain management, your speed increases.
  • Customer Satisfaction: An experienced outsourcing brings serious improvements to your service level, which returns to you as customer satisfaction.

Despite all these advantages, it has never been easier to decide on outsourcing in e-commerce logistics. At this point, choosing the right partner is very critical. Experience is the most important factor in choosing the right business partner. Because working with a business partner who does not have the necessary experience and infrastructure can bring you more harm than good.

So when is the right time for outsourcing? 

When your desire to grow increases: One of the most important elements of growth in e-commerce is to establish correct supply chain management. That's why the right outsourcing helps you grow.

If Your Investment Opportunities Are Limited: Setting up a supply chain management infrastructure has never been a cheap job. If you have limited resources, it is very critical to use them correctly.

If You Have Speed Problem: The basic customer expectation in e-commerce is to produce fast solutions in every environment. Correct outsourcing will provide important advantages in this regard.

If You Want to Reduce the Risk: Managing all logistics processes under one roof brings some risks. One way to reduce these risks is outsourcing.

If Your Customer Complaints Increased: If you experience difficulties, especially in managing customer demands, there may be problems in logistics processes.

Entering the New Market: Supply chain management needs to be managed more accurately than ever before entering a new market.

When Expertise is Required: E-commerce logistics always requires a lot of experience and expertise, and, it requires serious knowledge contrary to popular belief.

If you have difficulties about managing your costs: Cost management has always been the most important issue for companies. The right partner can provide companies with significant advantages in the field of e-commerce logistics.

As a result, correct logistics process management is one of the most critical issues for companies that want to grow in e-commerce. It is never easy to make the right choice in this regard. It may be the right way to work with companies that have long served in national and international companies that have developed themselves in this field. 

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