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There are many conceptual definitions of process management. However, with a general evaluation, the process is "a chain of activities that transform a certain set of inputs, a set of benefits for its customers, into an output, define, set boundaries, repeat, measure, have an authorized person, inter-functional and interrelated, create added value." 

Examining the organizational structure, clearly revealing the goals and creating the necessary methods for making short, medium and long term plans for this goal are indispensable for a perfect process management. When considered with these criteria, process management is extremely important in terms of companies' business efficiency and sustainability. Otherwise, companies will be at risk of chaos and uncertainty in environments where there is no process. 

Perfect Process Management for Logistics Companies

If we define the word logistics as having the right amount at the right time, with the right price, we can evaluate logistics as an end-to-end process, that is, process science. 

Nowadays, companies want to focus on the main production areas and targets to reduce costs, increasing outsourcing. Outsourcing in logistics is the transfer and delivery of the work of carrying out logistics activities within the company to a third company. Third party logistics companies can only be successful and sustainable by focusing on the customer. With this approach that focuses on the customer, logistics companies have to constantly monitor the performance of their customers and they have to take various actions to improve their performance. Working with a third party logistics company will contribute a lot to your project. One of these contributions is to consider processes from a holistic perspective. When you work with an expert and experienced logistics company, well-managed processes will provide you with great financial and time returns. 

The business process is the entire group of end-to-end, interrelated and organized activities that produce a result that creates value for the customers of the companies. All these activities should be organized, repeatable and focused on a specific purpose, in short, “customer focused”. In other words, "business process", "customer" and "results that create added value for the customer" should not be separated from each other.

Process is delivered to the expert team

Sertrans Logistics has been conducting its processes flawlessly for more than 30 years in order to understand the ever-evolving customer needs correctly and to meet them on time, completely and at the most affordable cost. Sertrans works to contribute to the growth targets of the brands it collaborates with. It cares and implements the process management methodology and observes the change at every stage.

Having a team experienced in process management, Sertrans offers solutions for the requests and needs of its customers, adding convenience to your business and value to your business.

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