Policy and Quality Documents       

In order to understand the constantly developing customer needs accurately, to meet them on time, completely and at the most affordable cost;

  • To use all kinds of innovation and technology that will create value for our customers and business partners,
  • To accept customer trust as the most basic requirement,
  • To realize continuous development with our human resources working with team spirit,
  • With the awareness that our employees are our greatest asset; To provide them with the necessary competencies by carrying out planned trainings and to ensure continuous improvement by increasing both leadership and participation in all our processes,
  • Acting with the awareness that the differences between companies are created by people, to ensure continuous improvement by investing in people and technology,
  • Respecting ethical values and ensuring the satisfaction of customers, employees and all other stakeholders by acting with an environmentally conscious and social responsibility awareness,
  • We are committed to fulfill all applicable requirements regarding our industry.

PLT1-Y.T 15.02.2008-Rev.2-28.04.2021       

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EFQM - Three Stars / Certificate of Competence in Excellence

In 2005, Sertrans became a member of Turkey Quality Association (Turkish abbreviation: KalDer), in 2010, it declared to the public that it has adopted the basic concepts of Business Excellence Model-EFQM as the way of doing business/ code of conduct and signed the National Quality Movement (UKH) Communique which was executed under the leadership of KalDer.In the same year, Sertrans, who applied for the EFQM Excellence Model stages, did not apply to the first stage, Determination Excellence; directly applied to the second stage, Competence in Excellence. As a result of the desk review and field visit by the KalDer evaluator team,  The company was granted with the EFQM COMPETENCE OF EXCELLENCE - THREE STARS CERTIFICATE.       

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BID / International Quality Award and Quality Certificate

Sertrans Logistics’in toplam kalite ve kurumsal yönetim ilkelerini uygulama, sürdürülebilir rekabet ve iş süreçlerinin geliştirilmesinde gösterdiği başarı 2012 yılında uluslararası bir ödül ve belgeyle taçlanmıştır. Merkezi İsviçre’de bulunan Business Initiative Directions (BID) tarafından altın, platin ve elmas olmak üzere 3 kategoride verilen Uluslararası Kalite Ödülleri çerçevesinde Sertrans Logistics, uygulamakta olduğu toplam kalite yönetimi modeli, müşteri memnuniyeti, liderlik, stratejik planlama ve inovasyon alanlarında göstermiş olduğu başarıları temel alınarak 2012 yılında altın kategoride ödüle layık görülerek, hem altın ödülün hem de BID Quality Belgesi’nin sahibi olmuştur.

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Environmental Policy and Documents/ Certificates

As Sertrans Logistics, we aim to leave a cleaner and livable world to the future generations by protecting our natural resources in all activities related to our logistics services. Based on this;

  • We continuously improve our “Environmental Management System”, which we have created in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, to ensure its dissemination and to engage in activities that increase environmental awareness of all our stakeholders,
  • We use environmentally friendly technologies and materials during our logistics services,
  • We carry out continuous improvement studies in order to use natural resources in the most efficient way,
  • We take measures to prevent environmental pollution/ contamination and protecting the environment by keeping our wastes to a minimum,
  • We ensure recycling of our wastes if possible and support reuse,
  • We aise awareness of our employees on environmental management and increase environmental awareness within the company through necessary internal and external training,
  • We fulfill our sectoral and legal obligations; Comply with ethical rules, national and international regulations and agreements.

PLT3-YT 23.01.2013-Rev.01-13.06.2018       

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Documents

As Sertrans Logistics, in all activities related to our logistics services,  in accordance with the conditions of the 18001 OHSAS Occupational Health and  Safety;

  • We create a healthy and safe working environment for all our stakeholders, especially our employees, and prevent possible work accidents and occupational diseases,
  • We organize trainings in order to raise awareness of all our employees on occupational safety and health issues, we also work on raising awareness of other stakeholders,
  • In order to ensure that all employees contribute to the system directly or via an employee representative when necessary; To establish a more applicable OHS System by using participation, consultation and notification method, to ensure the continuity of occupational safety within a proactive approach
  • We make continuous improvements in order to identify potential hazards that our employees and other stakeholders may face, to eliminate and minimize risks,
  • We develop methods to minimize losses in any accident or emergency,
  • Sertrans's basic occupational health and safety policy is to establish, develop and continuously improve the OHS Management System in line with laws, regulations, other national and 
  • international standards.

PLT4-Y.T 23.01.2013-Rev.01-12.02.2020       

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Customer Complaints Management Policy and Documents

Aiming to perfection of products and services, SERTRANS has adopted the concept of “Every customer complaint is an opportunity to improve.” For this reason, the complaints made to SERTRANS and the improvements made for these complaints are seen as a step towards perfection, and with this understanding, SERTRANS employees treat their customers and complaints at every stage from the beginning to the end and the complaints are handled fairly and impartially. 

  • SERTRANS treats its relations with its customers with strategic approaches and offers the right solutions to its customers' needs.
  • It offers fast reaction time in the services provided.
  • It provides solutions to customer complaints to be effectively and efficiently concluded.
  • It is aware of the fact that our employees are the basis of customer satisfaction and ensures that the necessary improvements and controls are made continuously so that the same complaint does not occur again.
  • It considers the importance and priority of informing its customers in the process of resolving complaints as the basic principle for correct solutions.
  • It ensures compliance with legal regulations and financial responsibilities in complaint resolution processes.
  • Providing innovative solutions to customer needs by closely following the technology.
  • The management process of customer complaints is clear and accessible to customers. 
  • Information of the customer who submitted a complaint is kept confidential. The information is not shared with third parties and organizations outside the company, unless the complainant consents. 
  • During the evaluation of the complaints reported to SERTRANS by the customers, no fee is charged, no gain is made in any way, and the complainant may be requested to undertake some or all of the costs that will arise in the resolution of the complaint as a result of the agreement with the complainant.

PLT2-Y.T 02.02.2010-Rev.01-02.07.2019

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Information Security Policy and Documents

To protect the reputation, image, brand value and reliability of Sertrans Logistics and its stakeholders;

  • In order to ensure business continuity of our business processes, to handle information assets within the framework of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility and to evaluate the risks, including opportunities, within this scope,
  • Structuring our information security management system to create, review and continuously improve the records and documentation in accordance with ISO 27001 standard,
  • To follow all legal conditions for information security,
  • We are committed to effectively and efficiently direct all our resources to this purpose, so that our employees receive training to increase awareness of information security and the continuous development of the system.

SRTBIL003-Y.T 06.11.2013-Rev.01-13.11.2017       

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Authorized Obliged Status (AEO)

Authorized Obliged Status; It is an international status that provides convenience and privileges to reliable companies that fulfill customs obligations and other general requirements. 

Authorized Obliged Certificate which is internationally valid is created in order to facilitate import and export procedures. Thanks to the Authorized Obliged Certificate, Sertrans can directly take the imported goods into the facility and the exported goods can be sent directly from the facility to the customs border. In this way, your customs clearance procedures are carried out quickly. 

Sertrans has the "Authorized Sender" and "Authorized Recipient" authorizations under the Authorized Obliged Status. 

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Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

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Ethics, Fair Trade, Compliance and Integrity Policy

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Competition Policy

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Social Compliance Policy

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Employment Policy

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Policy of No Employment of Child and Young Workers

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Business Ethics and Integrity Policy

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