Recruitment and Orientation

The evaluation of the suitability of the candidates applying for a job in Sertrans is made in line with the competencies.

In evaluating business suitability; 

  • Competency based interview,
  • Foreign language examination,
  • Professional personality inventory.

applications are used.

After the evaluations, job offers are made to the candidates who have been deemed appropriate. To the candidate at the job offer stage; The position he/she will take office, career opportunities at Sertrans, the salary system and policy are introduced.

During the orientation period of the candidates who started to work;

  • Company presentation,
  • The company's vision, strategy and goals,
  • Human resources practices,
  • Occupational safety, quality systems,
  • With documents containing professional information for the position

All trainings in the orientation process are matched and an efficient preparation method is used.

All aplications made through the channels such as career portals, web, e-mail etc. to work in Sertrans Holding and its affiliates are examined meticulously.The most important value of Sertrans is “human”. Having received the most important value in every decision and application, Sertrans responds to every job application made "WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS" within 6 working days at the latest, informs every candidate about how the application is evaluated and what process will be followed.All interviews are kept confidential and recorded according to “Sertrans Confidentiality Principles”. With the idea of all candidates may be a potential "Teammate" in the future, Sertans remains in contact with all the candidates who applied, the company keeps informing these individuals and their progresses are followed.If you would like to apply for a job directly, please CLICK. 

Internship Opportunities

Sertrans offers internship quotas for many different business units in summer and winter periods, as well as providing students with the opportunity to do internship in the field of logistics, who are studying at the "high school" or "university" level in logistics field.

Sertrans policy in the employment of trainees is to employ full time trainees who have completed their education life if there is an open position within Sertrans. Compulsory/optional internship applications are taken into consideration and employment is made according to the suitability of Sertrans trainee norm staff.

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