High Quality Services for the Electronics Industry

Sertrans offers end-to-end solutions to brands serving in the electronics industry for all their needs from transportation to logistics. Providing international transportation services with 99.9% no-damage rate to many points in Europe, Sertrans is your reliable solution partner. It provides solutions to improve your processes by continuously monitoring the efficiency of your operations by providing many value-added logistics services such as adding warranty certificates, serial number tracking, label and barcode insertion into products.

Sertrans is at the service of its business partners with high quality logistics services suitable for all your needs in the sector where many products are involved, from consumer electronics to telecommunication devices, computer devices, industrial devices to defense electronics. Being the number one choice of many local and global brands that have been serving in the electronics industry for more than 30 years, Sertrans constantly updates its service range for developing demands. 
For the rapidly growing and developing electronics industry all over the world, Sertrans provides customer satisfaction by offering all logistics needs under one roof.

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Special Solutions for Electronics Industry .

  • International road, airline, maritime and intermodal transportation options,
  • An extremely assertive 99.9% no-damage rate in transportation,
  • On-time delivery durations,
  • Alternative solutions in fast transportation,
  • Online freight and vehicle tracking application,
  • Freight and arrival information via SMS,
  • Self-owned vehicle fleet in Euro / 5 and Euro / 6 standards, experienced driver staff,
  • Strong agency reaching every point in Europe and international global network,

  • An infrastructure that can rapidly respond to instant demand increases,
  • Error rate of 1 per thousand in stock accuracy,
  • Product tracking with RFID technology,
  • Comprehensive value added services specific to the electronics industry,
  • Storage Services,
  • Warehouse Services
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