Full Time Solutions for Healthcare Sector Needs

Sertrans is your reliable business partner in international transportation with its fast and damage-free complete and partial transportation service to manylocations in Europe. In addition to the transportation services for the health sector, Sertrans adds speed to your business and value to your business with its two warehouses in Samandıra and Hadımköy facilities.

Sertrans offers full-time solutions suitable for the needs of medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the health sector. It provides services to the entire health sector with industry-specific solutions, from manufacturers and importers of pharmaceuticals to medical companies. 

For the needs of the sector; Offering its customers international transportation, distribution and warehouse solutions, storage and value added services under a single roof, Sertrans Logistics makes a difference with its expert staff and strong infrastructure.

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Special Solutions for Healthcare Sector .

  • International road, airline, maritime and intermodal transportation options,
  • An extremely assertive 99.9% no-damage rate in transportation,
  • On-time delivery durations,
  • Alternative solutions in fast transportation,
  • Online freight and vehicle tracking application,
  • Freight and arrival information via SMS,
  • Self-owned vehicle fleet in Euro / 5 and Euro / 6 standards, experienced driver staff,
  • Strong agency reaching every point in Europe and international global network,

  • An infrastructure that can rapidly respond to instant demand increases,
  • Error rate of 1 per thousand in stock accuracy,
  • Product tracking with RFID technology,
  • Comprehensive value added services specific to the health sector,
  • Storage Services,
  • Warehouse Services
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