Freight with a On-Time, Low Cost, Environment Friendly Manner

Sertrans offers land-seaway, land-rail-seaway, land-rail alternatives as an alternative to road transportation, and delivers your cargo on time with the intermodal transportation model with cost advantages. Intermodal transportation provided by Sertrans, which is an environmentally friendly transportation model, is used in the most effective way with its years of experience and expert staff.

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The Difference of Sertrans in Intermodal Freight 

Intermodal transportation is an advantageous mode of transportation that offers a realistic planning by offering fixed transportation times without being affected by weather and road conditions. Sertrans offers you the best customer experience in this transport mode.

  • Competitive price advantage,
  • The most suitable equipment option for the load,
  • Reliable transportation with expert staff and industry experience,
  • Environmentally friendly transportation model.

Solutions suitable to your Load 

Sertrans Logistics offers the most suitable equipment alternatives according to the load, and delivers your cargo on time and without any damage, with the most effective transport modes and economical prices.


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