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With more than 30 years of transportation experience and expert staff, Sertrans is always with you in road freight with customized solutions. With services tailored to your needs, Sertrans adds convenience to your business and strength to your business. All you have to do is focus on your trade.

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Sertrans is a fast and reliable solution partner with complete or partial transportation services to many locations in Europe with its services designed for all kinds of needs.

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Express Speed ile Sertrans, bölgesine bağlı olarak yüklerinizi 5 günde hızlı ve hasarsız teslim eder.

Express Speed

Cargoes are delivered in 5 days depending on the region. Vehicle trips are carried out with two drivers. Delivery of urgent products ...

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Bölgesine bağlı olarak yüklerin 4 günde teslim edildiği hızlı taşıma ürünü Ultra Speed Sertrans'ta.

Ultra Speed

It is a rapid transportation product that delivers cargo in 5 days depending on the region. Three drivers, using two vehicles, in compliance...

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Fast Fashion ile İstanbul’dan İspanya'ya 3-4 günde ultra hızlı parsiyel taşımacılık hizmeti Sertrans'ta.

Fast Fashion

Every Saturday, from Istanbul to Barcelona and three other Spanish cities with Fast Fashion in 3-4 doays, a brand new innovative product for...

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Sertrans Mini Speed hizmeti; küçük yüklerinize uygun, minivan tipi araçlarla yapılan yepyeni bir hizmettir.

Mini Speed

It is a fast vehicle service for your small loads. With minivan type vehicles, almost at the speed of the plane, without getting stuck...

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IQ+Shuttle ile Avrupa'nın 6 şehrine uçak hızında karayolu taşımacılığı Sertrans'ta.


With IQ + Shuttle, all partial loads are delivered to 6 cities in Europe with extremely demanding service times and cost advantages.

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Comfort Speed bölgesine göre değişmekle birlikte yüklerin varış süresinin 6-8 gün olduğu hızlı taşıma ürünü Sertrans'ta.

Comfort Speed

Rapid transport with arrival times of 6 to 8 days, depending on the region. If you want to have the goods arrive to determined...

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Eco Speed ile Sertrans, hem hızlı hem de ekonomik uluslararası karayolu taşımacılığı hizmeti sunar.

Eco Speed

It is a lower cost option compared to other options, made using alternative routes, suitable for cargos light in value but heavy in weight...

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Standart dışı, uzmanlık isteyen, özel araçlar ve izinler gerektiren tüm yükleriniz için Sertrans Proje Trans hizmeti.

Proje Trans

A very special solution developed for all your loads that are out of the standard, requiring expertise, requiring special vehicles and...

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