Sertrans Logistics' Innovative Product IQ + SHUTTLE .

Road Transport with Plane Speed

With the first example of this type of shuttle service in Turkey, in other words IQ + (International Quick Service) Shuttle, Sertrans delivers all partial cargos to 6 cities in Europe with extremely promising service durations and cost advantages.

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Promising Service Times in IQ + Shuttle 

You can get in touch immediately to benefit from Sertrans Logistics' "road transport at airplane speed" service that makes a difference with its assertive arrival times in European partial transportation, and you can join the leading companies in trade. 

From Istanbul to

  • Barcelona-  68 Hours
  • Munich- 60 Hours
  • Milan- 58 Hours 
  • Paris- 85 Hours 
  • Brussels - 85 Hours
  • Amsterdam- 84 hours


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