International Sea Freight Overview

If you want to become more powerful at sea, Sertrans Logistics is your true solution partner! As we have been a member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance) since 2001 and JCTrans Agency since 2022, we provide reliable maritime transport services at most major ports worldwide. With our solutions for maritime transport in 6901 agencies at more than 817 points in almost 200 countries, we carefully carry your trade to overseas distances! With its tailor-made services, Sertrans makes life easier for its business partners and adds value to their business.

  • Strong and vast agency network,
  • Different shipowner (line) options,
  • Door-to-door delivery to every point in the world,
  • Competitive price advantages with consolidation,
  • Full container (FCL) and partial (LCL) loading possibility,
  • Shipment via special equipment (open top, flat rack, reefer),
  • Charter services,
  • Transit (cross trade) shipments,
  • Project transport.


Tailor-Made Solutions

Sertrans plans all kinds of transport combinations before the transport specific to the needs of its business partners. In addition to performing FCL and LCL transports on the basis of containers, its solutions include intermodal transport modes such as land-sea, sea-air, and sea-rail integration. With its competitive price advantages and strong and vast agency network, Sertrans is your most effective solution partner, with chartering, FCL, and LCL loading possibilities in international maritime transport.

What are the International Maritime Services of Sertrans Logistics?

Sertrans, a member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and JCTrans Agency, offers solutions for maritime transport at more than 817 points in nearly 200 countries, making its mark with its reliable, fast, and practical services as well as affordable prices. Sertrans Logistics services that make life easier for its business partners and add value to their trade include:

  • Door-to-door delivery to every point along the world
  • Strong and vast agency network
  • Competitive price advantages with consolidation
  • Transit shipments (Cross trade)
  • Charter services
  • Project transport
  • Shipment via special equipment (Open top, flat rack, reefer)
  • Different shipowner options
  • Full container (FCL) and partial (LCL) loading possibility
  • Warehousing service according to the needs thanks to the agency network abroad

Advantages of International Maritime Transport

Located in the most favorable position for maritime transport, Türkiye has commercial connections with many countries, especially overseas countries such as Canada, the USA, and Australia. Below are listed the advantages of international maritime transport, which can be used in the transfer of almost all kinds of products from industrial raw materials to gasoline:

• Maritime transport prices are quite affordable compared to road, rail, and airline transport.
• Tones of multiple items can be transported at a time.
• Goods can be shipped almost anywhere in the world by international maritime transport.
• It is one of the safest logistics methods.

Please contact us to get further information about Sertrans services, which stand out with its solutions for maritime transport, and to reach solutions specific to your company.

What Are The Types of International Maritime Transport?

International maritime transport is divided into different types according to the type and characteristics of the goods to be transferred, the place of delivery, and the technologies used in the transport process. The types of maritime transport are typical as follows:

Irregular (Tramp) Shipping: Shipping without a fixed and continuous route, which has a route changing in line with the direction of the products to be transferred, is called tramp shipping. This spontaneous transport system is project-based and since the routes vary, the transport fee, which is called freight, may also differ.

Regular (Liner) Shipping: Regular shipping that uses fixed and certain routes is preferred in transatlantic goods transfers.  The shipping routes are followed and all details such as the departure date of the ship, the date of arrival at the port, and the amount of freight are planned before the transfer of the goods.

Transport of Dangerous Goods: International maritime transport is used to transfer flammable products such as crude oil at long distances in the safest way possible.

Container Transport: As one of the most preferred methods in international trade, maritime container transport aims to ship high amounts of products at long distances practically, quickly, and at an affordable price.



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