Sertrans Logistics makes a difference with integrated logistics service solutions adjusted to the needs of our customers. We add power and value to your business with our fast and flexible solutions specific to the sectors, as well as our expert team and strong IT infrastructure. With our professional and qualified logistics services, we promise a fast, efficient, and reliable experience by putting customer satisfaction first. With our service understanding capable of addressing all your logistics needs under one roof, our own WMS software, and our R&D center accredited with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, which is very rare in the logistics sector, we have the ability to offer fast, accurate and affordable solutions to all your needs.

Storage and Warehouse Services

With its storage services, Sertrans Logistics offers practical solutions to its customers. We have a total storage area of 140 thousand square meters, specially designed to provide world-class storage services. We are capable of offering flexible, efficient and value-added solutions that meet the needs of our customers in both B2B and B2C. Considering the preferences and satisfaction of our customers, we have been working as one of the leading companies in the logistics sector for more than 30 years.

We offer warehouse services, which are among the complementary supply chain management services, under the same roof as free warehouses.  Sertrans Logistics offers high-quality services in warehouses affiliated with Istanbul Erenköy and Muratbey Customs Directorates in terms of warehouse services and promises fast and efficient logistics management in export processes thanks to the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate issued by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.


E-Commerce Logistics Services

Digitalization, which greatly affects people's habits with the development of technology, continues to increase the intensity of e-commerce activities. Sertrans Logistics carries on its e-commerce logistics services by considering all sensitivities required to properly, safely, and quickly deliver the products to the buyers. Our company, which is the number one choice of globally known prominent brands, supports you to keep your customer satisfaction at the highest level by showing 99% success in delivery timing.  With our wide storage capacity and expert team, we provide the most accurate service for our customers by delivering more than 140 thousand products per day and following the innovations of the age.

Thanks to our WMS software with "Artificial Intelligence" infrastructure, we can determine the fastest route in seconds and complete the product collection process as soon as possible. Thus, our operational speed is maximized and your orders quickly go into the packaging process. We are the only company in the industry that can do this and we conduct this process using our own WMS software.


Why Choose Sertrans Logistics?

We are the first e-commerce logistics company in Türkiye and we have the most experienced and solution-oriented team in this field in our country. Our company has provided logistics services via our expert team both in Türkiye and abroad for many years, and it has recognition and reliability in many regions of the world.  Therefore, Sertrans is the number one solution partner of many global brands.

We promise our customers much more than logistics activities and offer special solutions for all your needs under one roof. Thus, you can focus more easily on other areas of your business while feeling the comfort of working with a reliable company for logistics services. With our value-added services and solutions that help your company grow faster and gain a reputation, Sertrans promises its customers the most efficient logistics operations.

Technologically, we always keep the best service ready for you with our ability to create solutions within our own structure, high storage capacity, and flexible business manner model that can be adjusted to the needs.
If you want to work with an expert team for your logistics processes and benefit from our privileged services, please contact us by filling out the offer form.




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With the development of digital technologies, speed, efficiency and sustainability becoming a necessity, the most important transformation in history is taking place in global trade. We named this transformation “B4B4C”. (Business for Business for Consumer)

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