E-Commerce Logistics Overview

Sertrans, the First Choice of Global Brands in E-Logistics

Sertrans, which has been the first choice of local and global brands in this field for years with its e-logistics storage area of 140 thousand square meters, and capacity of millions of products, facilitates your e-commerce logistics operations and adds value to your business thanks to its expert team and strong IT infrastructure. At Sertrans, our service understanding includes believing that e-commerce logistics is a matter of capacity and capability. We are the logistics company with the largest stock capacity in Türkiye. We offer our customers high capacity and flexible solutions with our expert staff, more than ten years of experience in e-commerce logistics, and strong technological infrastructure. In addition to Türkiye, we have e-commerce logistics solution infrastructures in Germany, Italy, and the USA. As one of the rare companies in the sector with our ETGB (Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration) and solutions suitable for e-export, which is the main field of need for the new era, we stand by our customers.

E-Comline: Akıl İşi (Smart) Solutions in E-Logistics

E-Comline, the e-logistics service offered by Sertrans for brands that provide services in e-commerce, is there for you at all stages of your business and offers you unique solutions with options that suit your needs. Regardless of the size and volume of your logistics needs, you will find a solution suitable for your brand in E-Comline packages. With its industry-specific, flexible, and creative solutions, Sertrans helps you respond faster, simultaneously, without damage, and with 100% inventory accuracy. Being aware of the value of your brand, Sertrans adds value to your brand with its superior service quality, aiming to improve customer loyalty. Besides, with our common storage solutions and experienced human resources, we respond to the seasonal movements of the sectors in the fastest and most accurate way.

Artificial Intelligence-Aided WMS Software of Türkiye: Akıl İşi

Our company has an R&D center accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, which a limited number of logistics companies can own. We solve all technical issues through our R&D team as our customers need. The R&D team of Sertrans is there for you with all solutions you need in the field of e-commerce.  The most important one of these solutions is "Akıl İşi". It is the first artificial intelligence-aided WMS software in the logistics sector.  With Sertrans' smart WMS software 'Akıl İşi', the shortest distance in the product pick-up process is determined by artificial intelligence. Thus, the ordered product is put into the packaging process as soon as possible.  Akıl İşi can also be easily integrated with ERP systems, e-invoice integrators, and e-commerce platforms. Its interfaces made available to companies allow for tracking stocks and orders with graphical reports. It also allows companies to track the e-commerce logistics services' performance. In today's e-commerce world, where operational efficiency is the most basic expectation on the seller side and speed is the most basic expectation on the buyer side, the first artificial intelligence-aided WMS software in the sector, Akıl İşi, has undertaken a crucial task.

Experience the Difference of Sertrans in Fulfillment

The ability to meet customers' demands and expectations in the e-commerce world has become the most essential criterion for success. E-commerce gains acceleration and Sertrans' perfectly functioning fulfillment approach will enable you to catch up with this speed. All you have to do is contact us and meet Akıl İşi. With Sertrans' smart WMS software Akıl İşi, you can work integrated with the sales platforms having the highest trading volumes. After easily integrating your e-commerce site into Akıl İşi, you can easily control your stock, order numbers, delivery, and return processes through a single platform. In the fulfillment approach of Sertrans, all steps from the product acceptance process to the return period are under your control.

So, what will you gain when you start working with the fulfillment approach of Sertrans? Your main benefit will be eliminating the need to track difficult and complex logistics processes. This allows you to;

  • Focus on sales and customer growth,
  • Have the opportunity to enter the global markets,
  • increases your order quantities,
  • Improve customer satisfaction,
  • Digitizes your warehouse,
  • Simplify inventory management,
  • Save warehouse and personnel costs,
  • Track your orders in real-time.

What are the E-Commerce Logistics Services of Sertrans Logistics?

With its advanced IT infrastructure and advanced technology, Sertrans Logistics provides e-commerce logistics services beyond expectations. Sertrans Logistics, which has been serving many brands in e-commerce logistics for over ten years, is there for you. Suppose you want to receive well-planned e-commerce logistics services for your e-commerce activities. In that case, you can safely prefer the expertise of Sertrans Logistics to facilitate challenging and complex logistics processes of e-commerce. Sertrans stands by you at all stages, from product acceptance to return logistics processes at home and abroad.

Experience the Sertrans Difference in E-COM

  • The first e-commerce logistics company in Türkiye
  • Over ten years of experience in e-commerce logistics
  • Strong IT infrastructure
  • Easy integration model
  • Ability to fulfill all logistics needs under one roof
  • Overseas E-com solutions
  • Overseas B2B distribution infrastructure
  • 34 years of experience in international transport
  • Fast transportation solutions
  • Global and local references Value-added services


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