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Offering high-class B2B, B2C, and value-added logistics services in an area of tens of thousands of square meters, Sertrans offers world-class storage services with tailor-made and flexible solutions. With more than 30 years of sector experience, its expert team, and strong infrastructure, Sertrans provides convenience and adds value to your business.

With its smart storage solutions, Sertrans Logistics meets the storage and value-added service requirements during the storage process according to international standards.

With more than 30 years of experience in logistics, we provide services in a wide range of storage operations (inspection, placement, handling, shrink packaging, loading, unloading, packaging, counting, labeling, etc.). Furthermore, the practices we have developed for different sectors, our strong infrastructure, our trained human resources, and our flexible and creative solutions tailored to products or sectors are proof of Sertrans Logistics' expertise in the storage field.

Sertrans Logistics is your expert partner for all your logistics needs in different business areas that are the power source of the world economy. Thanks to our rich range of services that form a holistic solution, we have been the number one choice of leading brands in the sector in both transfer and storage areas for years.  Sertrans Logistics offers high-value-added services to its business partners, contributing to their growth.

Storage Services Suitable for Sectoral Needs

As a company offering B2B, B2C, and value-added logistics services in a wide area of 140-thousand square meters, we produce logistics solutions specific to different sectors.

● Storage services tailored to your needs, and proper inventory management support.
● Online solutions via ERP-WMS integration.
● Solutions suitable for flow-through operations.
● Cross dock solutions.
● Product labeling, packaging, barcoded product/parcel tracking, RFID operations, quality control, expiry date, lot, and serial number examinations.
● FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO tracking.
● Storage of suspended products. 
● Order consolidation.

In addition to all these, you can meet your storage service and customs clearance needs for different sectoral products under the roof of Sertrans Logistics with professional teams.

Equipped Storage Areas and Superior Storage Services of Sertrans Logistics

Sertrans Logistics allows its customers to store their products in different locations safely. We offer our customers various alternatives for logistics storage services in storage areas of different sizes in Türkiye and Germany.  

In Sertrans Logistics facilities, we make a difference with our common storage solutions and professional human resources by providing logistics services integrated into digitalizing trade processes, and solutions suitable for different sectoral needs. Thanks to our experience and strong infrastructure, we can easily overcome seasonal movements, especially in retail. We provide end-to-end logistics solutions thanks to our infrastructure that works integrated with our business partners. At Sertrans Logistics, state-of-the-art storage systems complete many steps quickly and smoothly, from item entry and exit to WMS service, stock control to invoicing printing, and quality control to VAS or return services.  Our facilities, which have the advantage of being in a strategic location, stand out with their proximity to transportation networks, customs, and technical equipment.  

In Sertrans warehouses, our expert employees perform quality control, handling, packaging, labeling, boxing, assortment creation, barcoding, adding warranty certificates, installing security alarms, and ironing processes in textile logistics. We also provide reverse logistics services, that is, return logistics services, which are needed, especially in e-commerce and retail.  Besides, promotional period product preparations, chain store distributions, return and disposal product collection processes are carried out with high quality. Among the standard features of our facilities are fire control with ceiling sprinklers, CCTV surveillance system, continuous operation with uninterruptible power supply, large storage section with shelves called Back to Back Shelving Systems, heavy shelf system, and automatic ramp advantages.

Sectoral Storage Solutions

Areas developed following  the requirements of different sectors (Retail, e-commerce, automotive, cosmetics, health, electronics, and e-textile) with Sertrans Logistics' quick action-taking and creative solution-producing experience respond to the needs. Our logistics infrastructure and high-quality storage services enable our customers to find the best solution.  Fast and effective storage support, warehouse solutions, logistics and reverse logistics services, and value-added services that add value to trade are provided by Sertrans Logistics uninterruptedly.

Sertrans Logistics, which has proven its competence in many different sectors, especially in the automotive, cosmetics, electronics, retail, and textile sectors, with more than 30 years of experience, offers both solution partnership and turnkey cooperation. It also promises holistic solutions to manufacturers who want to control transportation and logistics solutions under one roof. By executing the transportation and storage processes with a reliable partner, you can ensure your workflow continues smoothly. In this way, you can focus on production processes without wasting time with steps such as raw material supply from different points, storage, or logistics of products. You can also take advantage of the experience of Sertrans Logistics in all your storage needs to see that the storage processes are completed more easily and cost-effectively.  Thus, you can strengthen your national and international trade processes with the benefits of professional staff and a solution-oriented approach.

Sector-Specific Storage Solutions

Sertrans supports your business with ready-made or tailored storage solutions. Thanks to its expert team trained in the relevant field and its strong technical infrastructure, Sertrans helps you keep your costs under control by continuously improving your operations, and it is your reliable solution partner for always getting perfect service.

We offer world-class logistics services in an area of 140,000 m2

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