Value Added Services Overview

Sertrans Offers Value-Added Services Specific to Your Project

No matter how complex and demanding your needs are, Sertrans will find a special solution for you. You just focus on your business and growth. Sertrans manages your inventory for you and ensures they reach the endpoint. It offers you various value-added logistics services specific to your project, such as packaging, boxing, kitting, gift-wrapping, custom box, and label applications. Sertrans facilitates your business and adds value to your trade with value-added services tailored to your needs.

Much More Than Storage

Value-added services (VAS) of Sertran offer you much more than storage services. Sertrans promises efficiency in your operations by managing your entire logistics process with a wide range of services, including product ironing, assortment, labeling, and quality control processes.

Value-Added Services

  • Control of expiry date, lot, and serial number,
  • Returns logistics,
  • Season-end return collection and acceptance,
  • Suspended and parcel transportation,
  • Kitting,
  • In-package handling,
  • Ironing,
  • Labeling,
  • Boxing,
  • Quality control,
  •  Collecting products and raw materials from the manufacturers,
  • Assortment,
  • High level of hygienic conditions,
  • Short-term campaign studies,
  • Preparing promotional products,
  • Preparing sets,
  • Storage on a product basis,
  • Storage in a special section,
  • Insertion of user manual and warranty document,
  • Quality control before shipment,
  • Small assembly services,
  • Product barcode and security labeling,
  • Distribution suitable for pallet and parcel systems,
  • Logistics and storage of bulky, heavy, non-standard, sensitive, fragile items.


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