Talent Management

The “Talent Management” system and practices are undertaken by the “Board of Directors” and the “Executive Board” at Sertrans, and are carried out with reference to the most important value a.k.a. human.

Within the scope of talent management studies; Every year, with target and competency-based performance evaluation, training and development activities data; “Talent Management Result Report” is prepared individually, across the department and company.

As a result of talent management studies, for every family member working in Sertrans;

  • In order to reach his/her goals, the support he/she needs is determined and necessary resources are created.
  • Every employee's strong skills and skills open to development are determined individually with reference to "Sertrans Competencies".
  • Training and development budgets for the next year are created by creating an individual and professional development plan for each employee. With Coach / Mentor appointments, developments are closely monitored.
  • Employees are positioned within the Sertrans talent map and a talent pool is created. Sertrans implements special development programs for employees in the talent pool and new career plans are created by providing opportunities for promotion in Sertrans.
  • Employees are informed of all works and results within the scope of talent management and they are provided to position themselves within the company.

Performance Evaluation

Objective-Oriented Performance Evaluation

Sertrans acts on the principle of “Provision of Equal Opportunity” to all its employees by taking human values as a reference. The roles of all Sertrans employees in Sertrans have been determined and accordingly, the job descriptions of all employees suitable for these roles have been prepared taking into account the functional ties of the processes. Every change and development in the organization is reflected in their job descriptions.

Sertrans job descriptions;

  • Competencies of the position,
  • What the position needs to do,
  • KPI of the position (performance indicators)

are included. These job descriptions are published through internal communication channels (intranet, portal, e-mail) and are always kept up to date.After completing the orientation process for each new member joining the Sertrans family, the targets are assigned by the “Target Reconciliation Meeting” in line with the determined KPIs of the position he / she takes office.In Sertrans, the performance evaluation period covers 1 year and is completed with interim evaluations and year-end evaluation.Performance Evaluation Process is a dynamic process involving all employees. While trying to find the contribution that can be provided to the employees so that they can reach their goals, on the other hand . The success of employees who achieve and exceed their goals is appreciated by the “Performance Premium System” practices.

Competency Based Performance Evaluation

In order to measure the Sertrans competencies required by the position they represent, and to ensure that all employees understands their performance parameters,  a competency assessment is performed three times a year.

Competency-based evaluations are made in line with confidentiality principles and all evaluations made by employees are kept confidential.


As a result of the target and competency-based performance evaluation system, the strong and open areas of the personnel are determined and the development activities for the next year are planned and the annual training plan is created under 4 main headings:

  • Legal / Compulsory Trainings
  • Orientation Trainings
  • Vocational Trainings
  • Personal Development Trainings
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