Total Quality Management in the Logistics Industry

Sertrans Blog - Total Quality Management in the Logistics Industry

Total quality management is of great importance to find the right solutions for the increasing needs of companies in the logistics sector. It is necessary to use total quality management tools completely in order to develop effective and fast solutions and to provide a faultless and trouble-free performance. In addition to the customer-oriented working principle, logistics companies that work with team spirit, are aware of their social responsibility and are sensitive to the environment and ethical values ensure the satisfaction of their business partners. Thus, these companies make it easier for them to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Total Quality Management Definition and Benefits

Total quality management, in which all employees participate and prioritize customer needs, aims to reach the maximum level of product or service quality. Quality management in logistics envisages the involvement of employees in all stages of service production, working with a team spirit, and ensuring a systematic win for everyone. Total quality management, which provides great benefits for both the employees and the company, helps to bring satisfaction to the top, taking into account the special conditions of the logistics industry.

Customer Satisfaction and Competitiveness with Quality Management

Total quality management, which is an important concept for the logistics sector, not only provides customer satisfaction, but also increases the competitiveness of companies significantly. Since the customer decides whether a product or service is good enough or not, logistics companies need to increase the business volume and competitiveness of their customers. All services that are provided correctly and on time positively reflect on the business volume of the customers, preventing waste of resources and productivity losses. Increasing customer satisfaction plays a competitive role in companies that use total quality management effectively in terms of logistics.

Quality Components in Logistics

Total quality management components in logistics stand out as an efficient planning and fast service. A logistics firm is expected to support all customer needs and provide timely and accurate solutions. Qualities such as timely delivery of products, undamaged transport and stacking, avoiding stock excess, accurate pricing, and keeping accurate inventory records are also important elements of quality management in logistics. It is also of great importance that order processes are carried out at the required speed and working with reliable suppliers. Quality management in logistics includes the rapid implementation of defined instructions and methods.

Advantages to be Obtained by Quality Management

Providing a service suitable for total quality management in logistics companies assumes a function that increases the satisfaction of its stakeholders. Thanks to total quality management in logistics, creative, error-free, fast, dynamic and efficient solutions can be developed, while costs decrease, customer satisfaction increases. When a logistics company adopts this understanding, it provides a rising quality and motivation by implementing quality management systems correctly. Total quality processes, where employees are subjected to the necessary training and can actively participate in the operation, establish a service understanding that is environmentally sensitive and has ethical values.

Quality Standards in Logistics

Like many other industries, basic standards and quality certificates, especially ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 45001, ISO 10002 and ISO 27001 quality certificates, are vital for the logistics industry. Among the standards audited by accredited organizations are the quality management standard ISO 9000 as well as the environmental management standard ISO 14000 and OHSAS 45001, which regulates occupational health and safety.

Making total quality management systems a corporate culture, Sertrans Logistics successfully fulfills the requirements of all these documents. Sertrans Logistics, which does not compromise its commitment to management understanding, service quality, employee safety, ethical principles and environmental protection processes, offers correct, fast and effective solutions to the demands of its customers.

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