Updated 7 Rights of Logistics

Sertrans Blog - Updated 7 Rights of Logistics

With transportation, automation, artificial intelligence, logistics initiatives, innovation management and digitalization, traditional logistics understanding is also undergoing a serious evolution. The impact of Industry 4.0, on the other hand, plays a big role in redefining logistics trends. Delivering the right product with the right technology, in the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, to the right customer and at the right price constitutes the 7 rights of logistics.

Robotic Logistics with Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Automation and AI (artificial intelligence) are among the fastest developing technologies today. Robotic logistics based on machine learning is also in this trend. Robots are not only useful for pattern recognition and performing tasks. Robots are also getting smarter in terms of learning from data, planning, making decisions and adapting independently. Growth of investments in automation, robotic logistics and artificial intelligence plays a big role in the shipping industry, changing traditional transportation standards.

Internet of Things Improving Logistics Value Chain

Thanks to the Internet of Things, anything that can be connected or has value to connect can collect, store and distribute data without human interaction. Today, the Internet of Things is becoming a crucial tool for transport companies to better control their logistics flows, discover potential problems at an early stage, and resolve problems quickly. Today, it is possible to see wireless logistics systems around the world that adapt vehicle parameters to different routes, automate the uptime of all fleets, and remotely manage pallets and shipping containers.

Greener Logistics with Electro Mobility

Electro mobility, which has become widespread with the development of electric vehicles and power transmission systems, plays a major role in planning supply and combating emission levels. With the new regulations coming into force in 2020, the use of environmentally friendly fuel for sea transportation is becoming more important. Contributing to reducing the environmental carbon footprint in the shipping industry, electro mobility also helps logistics companies provide their customers with smart and sustainable solutions for their supply chains.

Potential Use of Blockchain Technology in Logistics

Blockchain technology in which information is kept on a blockchain and exists as a shared digital database, enables secure, online and accessible information sharing by storing information blocks within the network. This new technology provides greater transparency for shipping companies, offering minimized information interruption between multiple factors. And it makes it easy to build a logistics network that results in highly reliable supply chains.

Traceability Throughout the Supply Chain

Traceability needs in logistics drive companies to develop technologically and to update their existing infrastructures. New generation technologies such as Internet of Things, RFID, geo-restriction, mobile applications and collaborative portal installation make it possible to follow all stages from production to the final product, even from the first stage of the product to the delivery to the customer.

The Impact of Urbanization and New Consumption Habits on City Logistics Approximately 60 percent of the world's population is expected to live in cities by 2030. It is thought that new transportation alternatives such as drones and regional solutions such as local storage will be used to meet the increasing e-commerce.

Fast and Uninterrupted Logistics Operation

Inter-unit communication, flexibility and seamless urban freight distribution are the keys to success in modern logistics. Any error or delay that may occur in e-commerce operations can return to businesses as big losses. Businesses that perform stock verification between all their units simultaneously and manage all operational processes gracefully, on the other hand, are one step ahead in the sector. Businesses that outsource logistics can also benefit from new technology investments required for shipping and transportation without compromising their own capital.

With Sertrans Logistics, a reliable, versatile and experienced business partner, you can successfully carry out all transportation, storage and logistics processes. With end-to-end solutions, you can transport your loads to hundreds of points around the world, smoothly and safely.

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