We Heal the Wounds Caused by the Earthquake

Dear business partners,

The increase in the number of our citizens who lost their lives due to the major earthquake disaster in the eastern and south-eastern part of Turkey and the new earthquakes in the region are devastating us all. The sorrow will never be forgotten...

I once again, our deepest sympathies and prayers are for those who lost their lives citizens during and after the earthquake, and we wish endless patience to all their loved ones and relatives. As the entire Turkish nation, we are extremely saddened.

Sertrans has been in contact with many institutions and organisations in order to be with our fellow citizens who have been damaged by the disaster from the first day and to provide them with all kinds of support. In order to meet the demands from both abroad and at home, we have mobilised dozens of vehicles in the Sertrans fleet to carry emergency aid materials to the region. In the following period, we are willing and determined to continue to meet the support requests from both the public, NGOs and the private sector and the needs of the region.

During these very sorrowful days, we not only put the vehicles in the Sertrans fleet at the disposal of the region, but also we managed an effective and important support campaign process with our business partners. The in-kind and cash support Sertrans directed to the region together with our business partners exceeded 20 million TL. This figure is increasing every day. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues who supported this process and all our business partners from Turkey and abroad with my most sincere feelings.

In the following period, we wish to support the projects carried out to meet the needs of the region in terms of temporary shelter facilities. In line with this, we will continue to be with our fellow citizens in the earthquake region by identifying the needs and supporting the relevant projects in cash or in kind.

Another important issue that emerged after the great disaster is to provide employment, albeit temporarily, to our people who had to leave the region, and thus to accelerate their integration into life. For this purpose, Sertrans open its doors to earthquake victims and starts working in coordination with the relevant authorities to create job opportunities for them.

We believe that children suffered the most after this great destruction. Therefore, we want to support the works carried out with the desire to build the future of these children, who have suffered great damage today, and to contribute to their achievement of a better tomorrow. We will do our best to provide educational support for our children affected by the disaster. We are initiating the preparation process to provide educational scholarships in cooperation with relevant NGOs through the fund we have established under the organization of the company.

I believe that we will overcome these difficult days together and heal our wounds together. Sertrans will continue to fulfil its responsibilities in the following period just as we have done so far, to share the resources within our means with our nation and to do our best. I hope that we will never again suffer such tragedies.

Best regards,

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