What is 4PL Logistics?

Sertrans Blog - What is 4PL Logistics?

In general, logistics is a process that refers to the transportation of various resources to different locations. This concept, which is one of the most important parts of globalization, has changed over the years and divided into new service units. Logistics units divided into four branches are defined as 1PL producer, 2PL first's direct customer, 3PL is the unit that provides flow between the two parties, and 4PL logistics or 4PL supply chain management.

Global Supply Chain Management

Today, many companies prefer to allocate their energy and financial resources to production and R&D. They apply to logistics services for the supply chain management they need to adapt to the global market. This situation, that is, outsourcing in logistics is defined as 3rd party logistics (3PL). For this purpose, companies transfer non-production activities such as transportation, storage, inventory control, packaging, labeling to experienced companies such as Sertrans Logistics.

Especially when the increasing demands in the e-commerce sector lead to the formation of more complex supply chains over time, digital logistics, namely the 4PL unit, is established. 4PL logistics, whose main purpose is to create new solutions and methods in the field of logistics, does not need any physical assets such as vehicles or warehouses. 4PL logistics combines its own resources, capabilities, technology with the assets of other 3PL service providers to design and manage efficient supply chains.

Customer Satisfaction and 4PL Logistics

Outsourcing in logistics; It saves you money on warehouse space, vehicles, labor and operating costs. 4PL logistics providers perform supply chain management to increase your brand value at every stage of logistics, from the source of the raw material to the end buyer. This is especially important for companies providing value added services to gain competitive advantage and operate for longer periods of time.

4PL logistics offers uninterrupted and standard supply chain management at every stage of your business. This standardization; It covers added values such as packaging, return logistics, labeling, stock and quality control. Thanks to the supply chain management that provides a quality standard, both your customers receive the same quality service and the logistics activities are carried out smoothly.

4PL logistics gains full control over the vast information network using different sources. This allows you to provide comprehensive and appropriate solutions to your customers' wishes. And it ensures that they are satisfied with the services of your company. Working with professionals such as Sertrans Logistics on procurement will strengthen the infrastructure of your business and contribute to your entry into new markets and gain loyal customers.

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