What is Logistics?

Sertrans Blog - What is Logistics?

Considering how intense both intercity and international commercial activities are today, the importance of logistics becomes apparent. Many elements such as commercial goods, raw materials, food industry products, electronic products and e-commerce orders are within the scope of logistics.

The economic effects created by the coronavirus pandemic, which took effect in 2020 and affected the whole world, and the digital transformation, which necessarily included all sectors, seriously affected the structure and functioning of logistics. In this context, logistics companies that facilitate the work of their customers with modern solutions offered in the light of new developments have taken a much more active role in a quality transportation process.

It is an indispensable part of the logistics, marketing or production process, which serves as a transportation for the products that are intensely traded in the required time and to the desired place. Logistics should not be perceived only as transport. In addition, Logistics covers the correct and rapid organization of many tasks such as storage, material, stock and inventory management, packaging and delivering the product to the buyer without any damage. For this reason, the persons or organizations that take the responsibility of the logistics process have a great liability to the sending and receiving parties. It is of great importance to work with logistics companies that continue their business professionally in order to carry out a logistics process that is efficient in terms of time and cost.

The Effects of Digitalization on the Logistics Industry

Although the pandemic process shocked the entire cycle of the economy, the digitalization brought about by the process expanded the business area of the logistics sector and increased investments in this sector. As a result of the rapid growth of mobile shopping and e-commerce sectors, the importance of logistics activities has also increased. And logistics organizations have accelerated the business process by turning to digital technologies in order to respond to this demand faster and more effectively.

Benefits of Working with a 3PL Business Partner in Logistics.

3PL, namely, 3rd party logistics, refers to the use of outsourcing in the logistics industry. To put it in more detail, today every business has its own field of expertise and many of them need logistics activities that are outside of their own expertise. In this sense, companies delivering their logistics activities to a third party logistics company both speeds up the process and reduces costs. The first of the three batches in this process is the manufacturer, wholesaler or shipper; The second party is the customer, supplier, or buyer side of the product. The third party is the company that organizes the transfer between these two and provides professional logistics services.

Sertrans Logistics offers new generation and qualified logistics services. With Sertrans Logistics, which adapts to the innovations brought by digitalization in 3PL service, you can perform the logistics process of your business quickly and perfectly.

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