What is Omni Channel Logistics

What is Omni Channel Logistics?

If we define it in its most basic and superficial sense, omni channel means "multi-channel" and can be defined as a strategy that brands have started to prefer, especially with the rise of online sales platforms today. This method that allows brands to communicate quickly, effectively and personally with both online and physical customers, this method aims to stay in constant interaction with customers and thus increase their sales. Therefore, the aim is to be able to touch the target consumer through as many sales channels as possible.


What are the Profits and Benefits of the Omni Channel Strategy? 

Brands are responsible for preparing all the facilities necessary for their customers to shop without limit. It is one of the most important criteria for a brand to be preferred, that customers have an unlimited shopping experience, and the shopping process is carried out quickly and in the desired manner. No customer wants the product they purchased to be delivered after a long time, and sometimes incorrectly. Omni channel new generation transportation services are activated in order to carry out the shopping link between the brand and customers smoothly. Fast and smooth completion of the purchasing step also greatly affects the identity, value and sustainability of a brand. By using omni channel logistics systems, you can enable your brand to grow rapidly.


What You Can Get With the Omni Channel Approach? 

·         You can have channels based on both interactive and mass communication.

·     You can take advantage of using retail areas, physical and online stores, direct marketing, customer contact points, mobile and social media channels.

·         All your channels become integrated with each other.

·         You interact with customers, retail points and brand channels.

·         You can manage all owned channels seamlessly from a common point.

·         You can easily follow up stock.

·         You can increase customer satisfaction. 


Being Successful in Omni Channel Logistics

In order to manage a successful omni channel logistics operation, it is important to understand the customer needs correctly as well as to design the organizational structure in accordance with the omni channel dynamics. Determining the requirements for a correct omni channel management is the first issue to be resolved. Issues such as what needs in which areas and what should be redesigned should be carefully determined. Especially the correct functioning of logistics processes is critical to the success of the process. Because any failure in these logistics processes may cause the entire structure to collapse. For this reason, choosing the right business partner in the management of logistics processes is one of the most critical decisions of the process.

As soon as any company decides to use the omni channel strategy, its products naturally become accessible from many channels. At this point, the most critical issue is that it is imperative that inventories are integrated into all sales channels and managed correctly. The biggest challenge of the omni channel structure; The customer has the opportunity to switch easily from one channel to another during the purchase. At this point, it is critical to monitor customer behavior instantaneously and flow data to warehouse management systems in real time, and to manage stocks correctly on this system. As a result, the whole process from the goods on board to the product in the warehouse must be managed flawlessly in omni channel logistics. This requires serious experience and knowledge.


At the end of the day, success in the omni channel is achieved through coordinated management of B2B and B2C logistics. Therefore, it is a necessity to organize all processes according to the relevant target customer needs. In order to create a smooth workflow, we recommend that you work with an experienced business partner who has international experience and has the capacity and capabilities to manage all processes such as inventory, delivery, etc. that offer end-to-end solutions. Other solutions will bring you harm, not benefit, contrary to your expectations.

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