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Ro-Ro is a type of maritime transport. With Ro-Ro transport, your vehicle is transported by a ship specifically intended for vehicle transport. This shipping method is often used by manufacturers and importers for large quantities of new cars, but it can also be used for single vehicles for both private individuals and companies.

Ro-Ro shipments are possible for various routes worldwide, but unfortunately, not all ports are suitable for this. Therefore, Ro-Ro transport is a developing mode of logistics in Türkiye too. Besides, many provinces have ports suitable for this mode of transport, which are used for export to various countries.

Here is a guide to Ro-Ro transport where you can find answers to questions such as "What does Ro-Ro mean?" "How is it done?" and "What kinds of advantages does it offer?"

What is Ro-Ro Transport? How is it done?

Ro-Ro or Roll-on-Roll-off transport refers to the carriage of a cargo (i.e., a vehicle) by sea via a particular vessel.  A roll-on-roll-off ship is a type of ship with a rear loading lift or ramp. This system makes it possible to load and unload all kinds of cargo as well as rolling loads such as cars, vans, and trucks. Ro-Ro transport method is typically used by manufacturers and importers.

Most suppliers use Ro-Ro transport for vehicles with large dimensions and heavy weight due to its advantage of loading and unloading cargo faster and posing less risk of damage thanks to the ship's particular system. The prices of ro-ro transport are measured differently. In Ro-Ro transport, the price is calculated by multiplying the length of the cargo in meters by the number and width of the decks. In Ro-Ro transport, it is possible for people to travel, not just vehicles. However, only some ships are suitable for this.

Ro-Ro ships and their functions are as follows:

  • Ro-Ro ships carrying cargo vehicles (PCTC)
  • Ro-Ro ships carrying cars only (PCC)
  • Ro-Ro ships carrying cars and passengers (ROPAX)
  • Ro-Ro ships carrying cars and containers (CONRO)

Roll-on/roll-off ships are cargo ships designed to carry wheeled loads such as cars, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, and wagons using their own wheels or a platform vehicle such as a self-propelled modular carrier. Ro-Ro Transport refers to "effortless maritime transport that does not require using a crane to load and unload vehicles or containers unlike Lo-Lo ships”. In this case, the vehicles to be loaded must be wheeled and in working condition. After all necessary documents are received, import or export of the vehicles can start through "Roll on Roll off" transport. Vehicles on board can be loaded thanks to built-in ramps. On arrival, the ship is unloaded and the vehicles are transported to the warehouse after customs clearance. You have the option to pick up the vehicles yourself or have them delivered to you.

Advantages of Ro-Ro Transport

In “Roll on Roll off” transport, vehicles are transported by ship on or under the deck. Ro-Ro transport is preferred, especially when vehicles are of a certain size and weight. Its most significant advantage is the speed of transport.  Other advantages of Ro-Ro transport can be listed as follows:

  • The available capacity is typically 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles, but ships capable of carrying 8,000 vehicles are also produced.
  • “Roll on Roll off” carriers can carry almost any type of vehicle, such as motorcycles, cars, 4wd vehicles, caravans, and scout trucks.
  • Saves time thanks to ease of loading.
  • Ro-Ro container transport offers the shipper a more straightforward process by eliminating the need for shipping and mooring, making standard port and customs procedures less complicated.  Thus, logistics becomes not only more efficient but also more economical.

Ro-Ro Transport in Türkiye

Since Türkiye has many seaports, it is suitable for Ro-Ro transport. This mode of maritime transport, which was first launched in 1977, continues to develop thanks to technologies and production processes. It involves both inland marine transport and ocean-going transport. There are 28 lines with Mersin, Izmir, and Trieste lines, and each is quite active. There are many routes including but not limited to Çeşme-Trieste, Taşucu-Girne, İskenderun-Duba, Haydarpaşa-Chornomorsk, Mersin-Famagusta, Zonguldak-Chornomorsk, and Yalova-Sete.

The main ports where Ro-Ro transport is used for both domestic and foreign vehicles are Çeşme, Samsun, Ambarlı, Haydarpaşa, Trabzon, Pendik, Rize, and Mersin Ports. The most intensive use of international lines is seen in Istanbul, Aegean, Adriatic, and Black Sea regions.

Ro-Ro marine transport, which saves time and budget, is the best choice for transporting or exporting vehicles. You can choose Sertrans Logistics' professional staff, safe transport services, and large vehicle fleet to benefit from all advantages of Ro-Ro transport.

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