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We Store Your Trust in Germany

We are also at your side in global markets with our high-capacity warehouse to strengthen your trade in Germany with ready-made and suitable usage options! Our warehouse in Germany has the distinction of being a regional warehouse rather than a country warehouse, with its location close to the Benelux region. In this sense, we offer value-added solutions not only in Germany but also in the Benelux region.

We Expand Your E-Commerce in Germany!

Keep an eye out for e-commerce logistics processes in Germany. Your reliable solution partner, Sertrans, is always with you to add value to your trade with its German warehouse and over ten years of e-commerce logistics experience. Your e-commerce logistics operations in Germany are faster and more efficient than ever with our country's first artificial intelligence-supported WMS software, Akıl İşi, developed by the Sertrans R&D team.

Mind Work, which can easily integrate with marketplaces such as Amazon and Zalando, also has the ability to quickly integrate with ERP systems, e-invoice integrators and e-commerce platforms. With the interfaces it offers to its users, Mind Work makes it possible to instantly track stocks and orders in Germany with graphical reports. In this way, you will have the opportunity to follow your e-commerce logistics service performance offered by Sertrans in Germany from where you sit.


We Carry Your Goals to Germany

We are here for you in Germany, so that your business always goes well and you have someone you know by your side in global markets. As Sertrans, with over 30 years of transportation experience, we are always your best solution partner to achieve your goals! We successfully carry out international road transportation operations with our experienced team, strong infrastructure and vehicle park suitable for all your needs!

We are moving faster with IQ + Shuttle. We deliver all your partial loads to the Benelux regions with extremely ambitious delivery times so that you can stay ahead of everyone else in trade. Thanks to your quickly transported loads, your commercial processes are completed in the blink of an eye.


Facility Features

  • A large storage capacity: 5,000 square meters of storage space
  • State-of-the-art transportation systems: Automatic ramp doors, fire control with multifunctional sprinkler system on the ceiling
  • warehouse management system
  • Flexible storage solutions suitable for all needs 

Our Germany warehouse, which is 17 km from the center of Düsseldorf, has the advantage of a strategic central location, 21 km from Krefeld, 47 km from Mönchengladbach, 17 km from Duisburg, 12 km from Mülheim an der Ruhr and 15 km from Düsseldorf International Airport. has.

Wide Scope of Service

No matter how complex and challenging your needs in the German market are, we have a solution to suit your needs. Sertrans manages your stocks for you and delivers these stocks to the point you want, under the terms and conditions you want. Sertrans is always with you with the value-added logistics solutions it offers and adds value to your business and trade with the solutions it offers.

Sertrans offers you much more than storage services with value added services (VAS) in Germany. Sertrans promises efficiency in your operations by managing your entire logistics process, with a wide range of services including ironing the products on the hanger, assortment, labeling and quality control processes.

Value Added Logistics Services

  • SKT, lot and serial number control
  • Return product logistics
  • End of season return collection and acceptance
  • Hanger and parcel carrying
  • making a team
  • In-box handling
  • Ironing, Boxing, Labeling
  • Quality control
  • Collection of products and raw materials from the manufacturer
  • Assortment application
  • High hygienic conditions
  • Short-term campaign work
  • Promotional product preparation
  • making a set
  • Storage by product
  • Storage in private section
  • Addition of user manual and warranty certificate
  • Quality control before shipment
  • Small assembly services
  • Product barcode and security labeling
  • Distribution suitable for pallet and parcel system
  • Logistics and storage of bulky, heavy, non-standard, sensitive, fragile materials 

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