Overseas Growth Strategy

Turkish Exporters Grow with Sertrans

As the pioneer and leading logistics company in Türkiye, we are adding another important endeavor to the efforts we have made within the scope of our export-oriented growth strategy. We aim to facilitate the efficient and comprehensive flow of the country's exports, accelerate exporters' integration into international supply and distribution chains at competitive rates, and create infrastructure opportunities that will stabilize export performance in important markets. To achieve this goal, we are transforming our European logistics structure into an entirely new dimension. With this move, we offer significant advantages to Turkish exporters.

By expanding the potential and scale of our international growth plan, we intend to establish
approximately 60 thousand square meters of storage space in seven countries, namely Germany,
France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, including one main
warehouse and 15 satellite warehouses over the course of five years. We will connect our storage
infrastructure in Europe in accordance with the intermodal transportation model with the Trieste
and Sete RoRo lines, the Budapest rail connection via Halkalı, so as to ensure uninterrupted flow of

Hub and Pocket Warehouse Organization

Our new organization, focused on providing services throughout Western Europe, can be outlined as follows;

  • 30,000 square meter hub in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Three pocket warehouses in Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich.
  • A business model that provides services to nearby countries with 12 satellite warehouses in
    the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the Netherlands in connection with
    the main facility.
  • The storage infrastructure located at the intersection point of all major transportation

Transportation Network Connections & Intermodal Network

Uninterrupted service with strategic location;

  • Rail connection from Neuss, 50 km from the main facility, to the port of Trieste.
  • The infrastructure that can offer railway connection with the 5 main sea ports of Northern
  • The possibility of reaching Budapest, Vienna (Wels), Neuss line via Halkalı.
  • Special facilities to be offered for central and satellite warehouses through the Pendik –
    Trieste and Yalova – Sete RORO lines.

Advantages to be Provided in the New Organization

  • The new organization to be established will provide the following opportunities for Turkish
    exporters: the opportunity to establish a permanent presence in the markets of Germany,
    France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, as well as Belgium,
    Luxembourg, Poland, Czechia, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, and Slovenia, and to address all
    logistics needs under one roof.
  • The presence of a bonded storage area within the scope of the service will offer shippers the
    opportunity to centralize the nationalization of their products.
  • If we achieve 100% capacity and all products are Turkish, exclusive e-commerce coverage
    alone has the potential to generate an annual export gain of $750 million for our country.
  • If the capacities envisioned in the project are achieved, the international transportation,
    distribution, and storage potential will create an additional foreign trade capacity of over $1
    billion for Türkiye.
  • The new organization will enable products arriving by container or truck to be stored in the
    warehouses to be set up, palletized, and then delivered to the intended markets, taking
    advantage of intra-European distribution opportunities.
  • Thanks to the infrastructure that offers just-in-time delivery to Turkish exporters within
    24/48 hours, the availability of Turkish products in the market will be increased to 100%.
    Due to its strategic proximity to numerous ports and train stations, the opportunities for
    shippers to transport and supply their products, which do not require swift delivery, through
    intermodal transportation channels will expand.
  • The presence of intermodal channels and access networks to these market countries will
    enhance our opportunities to comply with European Union legislation.
  • New foreign exchange-earning export opportunities will be offered to our Turkish exporters,
    who can exhibit Turkish products in foreign markets through marketplaces, and to
    companies that do not have this opportunity.
  • Inefficient and costly processes, such as separating the returned product from the entire
    order, subjecting it to the customs clearance regime and then sending it back to Türkiye will
    be eliminated.

Services to be Offered


We will offer top-tier support for product ownership and promotional activities across Western
Europe, encompassing world-class B2B, B2C, and value-added logistics services within an area
spanning tens of thousands of square meters. Thanks to our world-class storage service, equipped
with tailor-made and flexible solutions, Turkish exporters will be closer to the Western European
market than ever before.

International road transport solutions

We will be your trusted solution partner in road transportation, committed to delivering your import
and export cargo on time, swiftly, and with a 99.9% damage-free rate. Through our road transport
service, which will be available throughout Western Europe, we will ensure the timely, swift, and
damage-free delivery of all your cargo to your specified destination. For your complete or partial

loads that need speed, Sertrans will add convenience to your business and value to your trade with
express transportation alternatives.

International sea and air forwarding service

We will support our exporters with our international maritime transportation and air transportation
solutions through our own shipowner and airline agency partner network and agreements with
important cargo networks, especially IATA, FIATA, WCA.

Intermodal Solutions

We will handle your international transportation with the principle of low cost and high speed,
utilizing sea, land, and rail options such as Triseta, Sete, Tarragona, rail - land via Halkalı, air
transportation via airports, and land-connected international transportation solutions. In doing so,
we will also provide significant advantages in terms of compliance with EU legislation.

E-commerce / E-export

We will strengthen our country's e-commerce logistics abroad with our service scope that will
increase customer satisfaction, stock availability and brand awareness in target markets for e-
commerce and e-export. We will strengthen our position in the Western European e-commerce
market, particularly addressing the return logistics process, which is one of the most inefficient
aspects of e-commerce. We will provide an infrastructure conducive to eliminating additional costs in

Value Added Services

We will prepare an infrastructure that will provide various value-added logistics services specific to
the needs of the businesses to be served, such as packaging, coding, kit creation, gift packaging,
special box and label applications.

Custom Clearance

Thanks to the experience we have acquired in the sector over the years in customs clearance and
insurance services, which are essential components of supply chain management, we will also
implement the current model in the facility to be established abroad in order to secure the import
and export transactions of our business partners.

  • We will secure all the risks that may occur during the transportation of cargoes by land, air,
    sea and rail.
  • In addition to transportation insurance, we will provide all other corporate and individual
    insurance services that you need.
  • With our AEO certification, we will conduct on-site customs clearance services.
  • We will provide a fast, reliable, and high-quality service standard.

R&D Center

With our R&D center, which will be established abroad, we will quickly solve the technological needs of our business partners.

  • By integrating with technological solutions developed by Sertrans R&D center to foreign marketplaces; We will offer the opportunity to open up to the world with local software and portals.
  • We will offer reporting services such as order stock management, KPI reporting, sales and marketplace tracking under one roof. 

E-Office Infrastructure

At the center to be established, we will provide services with an infrastructure that allows hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals with a flexible rental model.

  • Legal Address
  • Line and telephone allocation
  • Call answering and transfer
  • Technical and physical infrastructure equipment
  • Strong network network
  • internet infrastructure


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