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Shelf Your Logistics Load with Sertrans

With over 10 years of expertise in e-commerce logistics, we take the burden of all difficult logistics processes off SMEs and minimize fixed storage costs. We leave you no choice but to increase your sales.

Now it's time to meet the nine benefits that Sertrans offers to SMEs.


Benefit 1: Tailored Service Packages.

Special E-Logistics Service Packages for SMEs: Sertrans' E-Comline packages are with you at all stages of your business. It offers you special solutions with options that suit your needs. Whatever the size and volume of your logistics needs, there are solutions suitable for your brand. We are here to manage your processes under appropriate conditions, without damage and without errors.

Click here to get more information about the service scopes of our E-Comline Startloji, E-Comline Smartloji, E-Comline Proloji SME packages.



Benefit 2: End-to-End Solution Approach

Savings on Warehouse and Software Investment Cost: The total cost of using Sertrans' warehouse and software infrastructure is 0 TL.
Seamless Integration into Sales Channels: Sertrans has the seamless integration infrastructure for all online sales marketplaces and web pages.
End-to-End Seamless Service Concept from Storage to Product Delivery: From the moment the products enter the Sertrans warehouse until they reach the hands of the end consumer, Sertrans is solely responsible.


Benefit 3: Sales-Oriented Service Approach

Sales Support: Thanks to our service approach that minimizes complaints and customer losses; We prevent errors such as missing / wrong product / careless packaging and choosing the wrong cargo company.


Benefit 4: High Cost Advantage

Pricing in the Pay As You Use Model with Unit Prices: Your stock today may be 1000 boxes… Tomorrow it will be 10 boxes. You can make 10 sales today. 1000 tomorrow….
You will be charged at unit prices based on your daily operating volume.
There will be no surprise expenses.


Benefit 5: Advantages You Can't Find Anywhere

Secure storage area for special and high priced products.
Staff specialized in fulfillment service.
Advanced and environmentally friendly facility and equipment infrastructures.
Strong financial infrastructure and continuous investment in the business.


Benefit 6: Flexible and Custom Solutions

Personalized, Careful Packaging: We pack your orders in the way and with the materials you want.
Regional Cargo Company Selection: Regardless of domestic or international, we choose a cargo company regionally based on the trouble-free rate.
Smooth and Fast Flexibility for Variable Operation Volumes: We take the necessary actions quickly, even if the number of orders of the company increases uncontrollably, especially during campaign periods.


Benefit 7: All Applications
Integrated Solutions

Solutions Integrated with Marketplaces: SKU, stock and order integration with marketplaces such as,,,

Commercial Application Integration: Nebim v3, Logo, Micro, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP and SKU, order entry, order exit, address card integration via API.

Scalable Structure: Scalable business model according to the needs of businesses in all segments of Mikro.


Benefit 8: The comfort of always being reachable

  • Accessible Infrastructure: Web-based, access from anywhere and from all smart devices.
  • Infrastructure Able to Manage Workforce: Estimated productivity measurement based on the number of orders processed, dynamic workforce needs planning.
  • Measurable Business Conduct: Your quality standards are always at the highest level with stock, quality and performance queries.



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We share with you ideas that can shape the industry and keep you informed about sectoral needs and new trends.



By becoming a member of Sertrans Port; You will benefit from the power of Sertrans Logistisc, which has been the number one choice of global and local brands for more than 30 years, and put an end to the trouble of searching for cargo.

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